Relief Aid Items Reached Telbisah, AlMukharram and Almushrifah

On June 16th 2015  and in coordination with the UN offices, the Disaster Management Committee of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Homs branch delivered the second shipment of the relief aid convoys “food and non food” to Telbisah, AlMukharram and Almushrifah. The 32 aid trucks convoy is provided by WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO and included food parcels, flour, hygiene kits, elderly diapers, baby diapers, tarpaulins, medicines, incubators, wheelchairs,  crutches, mosquito nets, soap and water sterilization items. It is worth mentioning that more than 13759 families will be benefited from these relief aids for a month.

Shelters’ Improvements Project is Concluded in Homs Old City

In the framework of the Shelter Upgrade Project that targets returning families to their houses in areas of AlSafsafa, AlWarsha, AlHamedia Street, AlOthon, Bani AlSeba’ai, Bab Hood, Bustan Al Diwan and the Graben Street, SARC-Homs sheltering team completed their works of installing and distributing 700 sheltering kits (Seal Off kits). The team installed and rehabilitated windows, doors and partitions between rooms in a way that secures more privacy and protection. The sheltering kits are offered by the French Premiere Urgence (PU). The team used shifting boards, doors and boarders. In fact the local community participated and lend a hand in installing sheltering kits.… Read More »

SARC- Homs hygiene promotion team’s intervention in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya”

SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team continues its activities in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya” in May. (176 woman and 348 children) benefited from those activities that aimed to instruct the inhabitants of the “Rooms” sheltering center and Hasya camp. The activities started at the beginning of Summer to avoid the spreading of plagues by simple protective procedures in the targeted communities. The team enhance the local society’s ability of acting during the current circumstances and preventing any infection from spreading. The intervention in SARC-Homs sheltering centers of Hasya continued for three  weeks. The team awareness activities, which targeted children and… Read More »

Disaster Management Teams Raise Awareness and Education Levels at Schools

At the beginning of Summer, many diseases spread out, but it is possible to stop that by applying some simple protection procedures. Our most important work, during the last few days, was following up the health situation especially in schools so that we sought to start the school holiday by providing health awareness that contributes, within the local society, to prevent any disease from spreading as much as it could. Due to the joint collaboration of SARC-Homs branch the Disaster Management Committee, the health awareness team, supported by UNFPA, and the hygiene promotion team, supported by UNICEF intervened in AlMuhdatha… Read More »

Developing ladies’ handicraft skills

SARC-Homs psycho-social support team trains and qualifies housewives throughout a professional project which started at the beginning of May. This project aims to help them copping with the current circumstances and the local society by enhancing their skills such as “nursing, home first aid and hairdressing” The project  is applied in four areas “old city of Homs, Alsabouniya and AlDeba .” 160 ladies benefited from that project, and they attended social awareness sessions after professional training. It is worth mentioning that 4678 people benefited from SARC-Homs psycho-social support team’s services in May.

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