Ladies’ committee Activity in Ramadan

Ladies’ committee of SARC Homs branch continues distributing food items within the project of Iftar Saem (distributing meals to fasting people) to very poor people. The project was launched on the first of Ramadan. Moreover, the committee held a charitable breakfast with profits go to activities of the committee.

SARC-Homs branch provides Ramadan breakfast meals to benefited families

SARC-Homs branch sheltering team supported 619 families, who reside at the temporary sheltering centers, with  Ramadan breakfast -Al Iftar-.The meals were  prepared in 6 collective kitchens and supervised by the team. It is worth mentioning that the International Committee of the Red Cross supports those kitchens with  food raw material and cooking  gas cylinders, while the local community provides supplementary iteams during Ramadan. ‏

SARC-Homs responds to displaced people from Palmyra

In cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, water and sanitation team of SARC Homs- branch responded to the displaced people who were forced out of their homes in Palmyra to  Homs eastern countryside . The team carried out the project of preparing a temporary sheltering center in Ghazalah area, and restored the drainage and repaired sanitary facilities.  

Sewer Pipelines project is Concluded in Homs eastern countryside.

SARC-Homs water and sanitation team carried out the project of restoring sewage lines in Alrastan. The team replaced 200 meters of damaged sewage lines with new ones. Then it provided families’ houses with sewage lines directly. In addition, the team finished installing 6 sewage lines and restored some ones after stopping. It is worth mentioning that 1300 people benefited from this project that lasted for 40 days. This project was provided by ICRC.

SARC Homs Psycho-social Support workshop

The Child Friendly Spaces project of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Homs held a central training workshop. The workshop aimed to raise the volunteers’ level an  dealing with the most vulnerable, and involved various activities (public and individual activities for children, educational targeted games, ways of expressing oneself, telling stories, stage presentations, puppet theater, activities of professional qualification, and in the end, life skills and the art of etiquette). 133 volunteers from SARC Homs mobile teams participated in this workshop which lasted for five days in SARC-Homs the main center through the joint project between SARC and UNICEF.

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