The Feminist Committee Threw a Charity Banquet

Based on their their believe to be in touch with the various local community classes, The Feminist Committee threw a breakfast charity banquet on  Feb 21st   . The event aimed to share breakfast with 120 people of the affected families and those who need help.    http://sarc.sy/cms/wp-admin/post.php?post=2520&action=edit

The Importance of the Polio Vaccine Activity

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – AL-Rastan sub-branch organized two day activity on the importance of the polio vaccine. This activity came along with the national campaign for polio vaccine, and aimed to raise the mothers’ awareness about this kind of diseases. The activity attracted the local residents with their children, and involved movie show, games and drawing sessions that concentrates on the same idea. Moreover, 1023  child were vaccinated during the activity.

“Human Resources” workshop

The human resources is considered the backbone of all active humanitarian organizations that adopt the modern management concepts.  Within this context, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Homs Branch launched a workshop targeted 37 volunteers. The six- day workshop was aimed to upgrade some volunteers to be focal points among the SARC’s working teams. It covered issues related to  job description, resources planning, work evaluation and how to attract distinctive human resources.

National Vaccination Campaign program

 The National Vaccination Campaign program  Feb 2015 covered  ‪SARC- Homs‬ dispensary in Alghouta area. The campaign is launched to avoid the babies some serious diseases like the polio. The campaign’s total  beneficiaries was 1622 child including 275 baby who were under one-year.

Reconstruction Project to harbor 120 families in Hisyah

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Sheltering teams in Homs branch carried out a project of reconstructions and shelters rehabilitation in Hisyah industrial city. The project aimed to improving shelters and wooden rooms in order to help 120 affected families, who reside in uninhabitable shelters. It is worth noting that the project was supported by International Organization of Immigration (IOM) which offered 100 shelter kits. The mentioned kits contain: carpentry box, planks, MDF planks, wooden partitions, insulators, curtains and other items. [/g_slider]

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