The Medical Point in Al Huson starts work

On May 6th 2015, Dr. Motaz Al Attassi, Head of SARC -Homs branch and with the attendance of Homs governor, Mr. Talal Al-Barazi, opened a medical point, in Al Huson area. The medical point, which would be supervised by Al Wadi sub branch, is supposed to provide health services to families that returned to their homes in Al Huson area.  The new medical point is to serve more than 600 people there. In the same time,  food parcels were distributed to the registered families in that area. ‏

Operational Update – SARC Homs Branch – May 2015

SARC Homs Operational Update May- 2015 Headlines: SARC-Homs hospital opens intensive care section. A social hygiene campaign, by SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team, for displaced families in the sheltering centers of Hasya. SARC-Homs Arrastan sub branch opens the educational summer club for both certificates of secondary and basic learing A past and a present wonderful trace in a gallery of hand-made works for women who benefited from SARC-Homs health awareness team’s support. Vocational training targets the women of old city of Homs. Through small projects chain, Ladies’ Committee supported a livelihood small business project, sweet shop,  a family in order to open the… Read More »

“Your health in Ramadan” Initiative

On the beginning of Ramadan, SARC-Homs health care team held an introductory advisory session that targeted beneficiaries with chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and diseases that need intensive care during the day, in temporary The session, that took place at sheltering centers in Homs, provided information and instructions on healthy good habits. The team supported  the beneficiaries with some medical check up like  blood pressure and diabetes tests. It aimed to revise bad health habits especially after Al Iftar (breakfast) meal during Ramadan.

Relief Aid Items Reached Telbisah and Almushrifah Areas

On June 30th 2015, and in cooperation with the UN offices, the Disaster Management Committee of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Homs branch delivered the third shipment of the aid convoys “food and non food” to Telbisah and Almushrifah area. The 42 aid-truck convoy is provided by WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO and included food parcels, flour, hygiene kits, elderly diapers, baby diapers, tarpaulins, medicines, incubators, wheelchairs, crutches, mosquito nets, soap and water sterilization items. It is worth mentioning that more than 19359 families will benefit from these relief aids for a month.

Ladies’ committee Activity in Ramadan

Ladies’ committee of SARC Homs branch continues distributing food items within the project of Iftar Saem (distributing meals to fasting people) to very poor people. The project was launched on the first of Ramadan. Moreover, the committee held a charitable breakfast with profits go to activities of the committee.

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