SARC Homs Organizes IHL training Course

It is important to give information about the principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and to spread the Humanitarian International Law which Geneva Conventions represent its deep basic starting with the volunteers and ending with the whole local community.  In March, SARC Homs held three workshops on the principles of the Humanitarian International Law. 106 volunteers of SARC Homs branch  attended these workshops, that lasted for three sequence weeks.

Health care team in Homs countryside

On  April 16th the SARC’s  mobile health care team accompanied with the ICRC delegation had been to AlZakim village on a checking mission. The  team check ed the work of the health care team and the services  provided to the beneficiaries in the countryside. 222 patients were treated in the three clinics. Health care team continues its regular visits to reach more areas in the countryside and to help children and women suffering from cold weather problems, synchronizing with the liver diseases. The mobile clinics visited 15 areas in Homs and treated 3202 cases. Children suffer from malnutrition and most of age-group… Read More »

Volunteers Celebrated Al halawa Day with Children

Alhalawa’s Thursday is a popular tradition. It is like a guest visiting Homs city on the first Thursday of April of every year. Adults and children usually  celebrate it. It includes different kinds of popular white and pink sweets. Aiming at stabilizing original social traditions, SARC’s psycho- social team at the Child Friendly Spaces project provided an activity for a psychological relief in the centers of “ Maskhanah, Hesya, Alzahra’, and the inhabitants of the temporary sheltering centers in the city.” The team distributed 248 Kilos of sweets to 2450 people. The volunteers also participated the celebrating of this occasion with the… Read More »

The British Red Cross’ second visit, about the projects of improving livelihood, to SARC Homs

On April 15th , the British Red Cross delegation headed by Ms. Razmi Farook, head of program managing in Syria and Lebanon, visited SARC- Homs branch. The delegation consisted of Mr. Alexander Matthew,the program manger, and Mr. Hosam Alfaysal, the supervisor of projects in Syria. The delegation met the Head of the board of directors, Dr. Motaz Alatassi, and the members. During the visit, they discussed the cooperation between SARC and the humanitarian partners, and then they did a tour in the building; they visited the clinics, the gynecological and obstetric section and the central operations room. Finally, they did… Read More »

Together for a better school environment

In cooperation with Homs Health Directorate , SARC’s Homs Branch- hygiene promotion team carried out a campaign with slogan “Together for a better school environment. ” It targeted 12574 primary school students in the schools of “Al Eddikhar, Al Madinah Al Jamieya, Kharm Al Shami, Maskhana and Khafar Aya.” The campaign dealt with the general hygiene behaviors according to the age group, primarily with the lice contagion and how to avoid it, the teeth care and other issues. It also shed light to the importance of the protection and with improving the immunity starting with washing hands properly and then how to use the… Read More »

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