Community Center’s volunteers held activities on the occasion of the International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, SARC-Homs Community Center’s volunteers organized activities for 180 women who benefit from the project. The activities aimed at empowering women in the society and focusing on their strengths, in addition to providing psychological support sessions and recreational activities. It is worth mentioning that the Community Center’s activities targeting people living in Bab Amr neighborhood and the other neighboring districts supported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC.

PPs activities for children with Down syndrome

One in every 1100 babies is born with Down syndrome, a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome. As children with Down syndrome deserve love and attention, SARC-Homs Child-Friendly Spaces team provides support for those kids through organizing recreational and educational activities that enhance their skills. SARC-Homs Child Friendly Spaces team’s activities are supported by Unicef.  

“Let’s Help” a community -based initiative

SARC-Homs Child-Friendly Spaces project has recently launched a community -based initiative titled ” Let’s Help “. The initiative aims to collect used clothes, and then clean and mend them to be distributed to needy families in order to help them get clothes that protect them from the cold and alleviate their burdens. The initiative targeted 60 beneficiaries in Hassia town. It’s worth to mention that child-friendly spaces project is held in cooperation between SARC and UNICEF.

Health Promotion Team’s Activities in Homs countryside

SARC-Homs Health Promotion team often carries out field visits to Home countryside where the team provides by leishmaniasis conditions with the necessary treatment. Every year, Health Promotion team launches awareness and educational campaigns on leishmaniasis that include topics related to leishmaniasis like: causes, infection, treatment and prevention.

ICRC Operations Coordinator Visits SARC Homs branch

Within the framework of joint cooperation among humanitarian partners, Dr. Moataz Al _Atassi, Head of the board of directors, and the board members received the operations coordinator of the ICRC headquarters in Geneva and her delegation on Wednesday the 4th of October. The two-day visit aimed to have a look at the projects and the joint activities implemented in cooperation between SARC and the ICRC.  

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