In Akrama community center: friends in classes and partners in success

For two months, they have used to meet and share class-desk in a catch-up program designed to reintegrate students into the education system. However, their last meeting in SARC community center carried different goal, which is to celebrate their success. Pass rate among beneficiaries of the educational program launched by Akrama center exceeded 90% and15 students excelled in middle-school education. Therefore, the center and child protection department organized awards ceremony to honor their successful performance and attendance. The ceremony included entertaining and interactive activities where the students share thoughts and joy.

Humanitarian aid convoy reached 89000 people in Hola and Hirr-Bnfseh

In conjunction with the convoys dispatched to Daraa and its Rural, SARC delivered humanitarian aid convoy to Hola in Homs and Hirr-Bnfseh in Hamah on Sunday, July 15, 2018. The convoy (39 trucks) carried 17.800 food parcels, 17.800 flour bags, 3000 family hygiene kits, 7.500 soap kits, 3.100 plastic sheets, 7.500 blankets, 6.300 solar energy lamps, 3.400 mattresses, 6.000 coloring books, 2.100 self-education books, nutrition items (peanuts butter and high energy biscuit), water sterilization items, medicines & medical supplies, midwifery supplies, nutritional supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and vitamins & minerals for children. It is worth mentioning that these… Read More »

Community Center’s volunteers held activities on the occasion of the International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, SARC-Homs Community Center’s volunteers organized activities for 180 women who benefit from the project. The activities aimed at empowering women in the society and focusing on their strengths, in addition to providing psychological support sessions and recreational activities. It is worth mentioning that the Community Center’s activities targeting people living in Bab Amr neighborhood and the other neighboring districts supported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC.

“Public Health ” Campaign to raise awareness about positive health behavior”

Unfortunately, diseases and illnesses linked to water sacristy and poor sanitation have increased. Therefore, SARC-Homs Health Promotion team supported by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) carried out a campaign titled “Public Health ” to raise awareness about positive health behavior through awareness – raising sessions. The campaign covered 16 regions in Homs and its countryside ( 19 sheltering centers and 5 camps) and reached 20143 beneficiaries as well as providing them with 3000 hygiene kits and 750 children kits. The awareness – raising sessions focused on illnesses cased by water shortage, lack of hygiene, diarrhoeal and infectious diseases.

Displaced Syrian families headed by women face the harshness of winter

As severe winter puts more burden on the displaced families, RC-Homs Ladies committee helps women, who are the sole supporter of their families, by providing them with small projects such as knitting and needlework which enable them to meet their basic needs. SARC-Homs ladies committee and the ladies committee of Al-Waer point distributed 385 sweaters made by these women to the children of Khadija Alkubra Sheltering center in addition to some children of poor families in the city.

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