Humanitarian aid convoy dispatched to Daraa city

SARC’s humanitarian aid convoy (38 trucks) headed to Daraa city on 26/7/2018. It carried 7500 food parcels and 7500 flour bags provided by WFP and allocated for people residing in neighborhoods of Sajneh, Al-Minsheih, Al-Arbain, Al-Baaseen, Mazarie Al-Shaiah, Mazarie Al-Nakhleh, Mazarie Ghareeb, Al-Najar, Tareeq Al-Sad, Al-Moukayam, Al-Joumruk, Souk Swaidan and Abo Baker Mosque.  

SARC convoys reached three areas in Daraa

More three areas in Daraa received the humanitarian aid convoy (27 trucks) delivered by SARC on 19/7/2018. 12 trucks loaded with 2800 food parcels and 2800 flour bags headed to Tall Shhab, 9 trucks loaded with 1800 food parcels and 1800 flour bags headed to Al-Yadouda and the last 6 trucks loaded with 600 food parcels and 600 flour bags headed to Kharab Al-Shahem. The Relief aid are provided by WFP.

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