Psychosocial Support Principles Course

In cooperation with UNICEF, Psychosocial support department – Damascus branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) held a basic training course at Zahira center on Psychosocial support. This training was attended by 23 volunteers. The course involved sessions  which highlighted Crises, Psychosocial support, Pressures and adaptation, loss, Sorrow, Social support community-based in addition to the first aid psychosocial support also included a variety of activities, practical exercises and workshops. This type of course is aimed to raise volunteers’ capacities in providing the basics of Psychosocial support for those who are affected by the crisis and help them recover and reintegration into… Read More »

A training course on the principles of disaster management

The disaster management Unit of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus Branch concluded a training course on the principles of disaster management on Monday 10/31/2016.  The course was run by SARC trainers  and contained  the new curriculum issued by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The five day course brought  together 29 volunteers of SARC  first aid , psychological support, humanitarian support and disaster management teams. The course aims to develop the skill of volunteers and raise their potential at times of response and preparedness to provide assistance to the affected people everywhere. The Course included several topics most notably the… Read More »

SARC Meets the needs of 4090 Physically Hindered persons

The relief team of the Disaster Management Unit – Damascus branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent  served 4090 persons (elderly, adults and physically hindered). They distributed  3295 hygiene kits for the elderly and adults and 795 hygiene kits for children provided by German Red Cross (GRC) and Danish Refugees Council (DRC). The distribution process was carried out  under a follow-up mechanism that ensure  the health status of the beneficiary and the extent of the periodic needs in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable cases in accordance with the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent

Global Handwashing Day Activities

Health promotion team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in  cooperation with the International Medical Corps launched range of awareness-raising activities 23- 27/10/2016  on the occasion of the Global Handwashing Day. The activities were participated by 69 children and included a series of children’s games that highlight the importance of personal hygiene and handwashing . Peace and snake game was the most prominent one. In also includes  sessions for mothers (55 mothers) in which method of transmission of the disease was explained.

Play Show to Enhance Personal & Public Hygiene in shelters

Health Promotion Team of the disaster management unit  in SARC- Damascus branch in collaboration with the International Medical Corps concluded  a series of theatrical performances in 20 shelter centers within  Damascus province  on 29/10/2016 as it was launched on 04/09/2016. It included several messages about public and personal hygiene notably the identification and prevention of lice, the importance of hands wash and the and the correct way to do that. The presentations were attended by 1467 children who were gifted with 4401 pieces of soap. It is worth to mention that the health promotion team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent (water project) –… Read More »

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