Self-protection course

In the framework of the training and rehabilitation activities of the Disaster Management Unit – SARC- Damascus branch and in cooperation with the refugee project UNHCR, the second self-protection course was carried out in Nov, 2016 . The two days course was held in Al- Sayeda Zeinab area attended by 18 trainees, and involved subjects on emergency plan and right  to do-steps in  accident cases, in order to raise awareness in times of danger and to alleviate the severity of the injuries. It is worth to mention that he first course had been held on 10.09.2016 and was attended by 34 trainees in Khan Dannoun area.

SARC- DMU pay a visit to Dar Al Karama for the elderly

The shelter team of the Disaster Management Unit of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus branch  in collaboration with the Relief Sub-Committee paid a  visit to Dar Al Karama for the elderly on 08.11.2016. They distribute hygiene kits  provided by the International Medical Corps (IMC), and evaluated the people’s needs in order to match it soon.

Psychosocial Support Principles Course

In cooperation with UNICEF, Psychosocial support department – Damascus branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) held a basic training course at Zahira center on Psychosocial support. This training was attended by 23 volunteers. The course involved sessions  which highlighted Crises, Psychosocial support, Pressures and adaptation, loss, Sorrow, Social support community-based in addition to the first aid psychosocial support also included a variety of activities, practical exercises and workshops. This type of course is aimed to raise volunteers’ capacities in providing the basics of Psychosocial support for those who are affected by the crisis and help them recover and reintegration into… Read More »

A training course on the principles of disaster management

The disaster management Unit of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus Branch concluded a training course on the principles of disaster management on Monday 10/31/2016.  The course was run by SARC trainers  and contained  the new curriculum issued by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The five day course brought  together 29 volunteers of SARC  first aid , psychological support, humanitarian support and disaster management teams. The course aims to develop the skill of volunteers and raise their potential at times of response and preparedness to provide assistance to the affected people everywhere. The Course included several topics most notably the… Read More »

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