Relief Aid to Al-Moadamyeh city

On June 8th 2015, SARC managed to deliver 4500 food parcel through four days to Al-Mouadamieh town. The items  are provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross, and were entered in coordination with all authorized parties on ground. It is noteworthy that this mission is the fourth of its kind to the area since SARC started responding there.

health services reach western Harasta

The Disaster Management Unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus branch and in cooperation with the authorized bodies launched a vaccination campaign via its mobile clinics in west Harasta area on 19-28/05/2015. The campaign, which was accompanied with a Ministry of Health team, provided vacancies for 625 child. It also provided free medical services and treatments for 776 cases most of them were children.

Relief Items are distributed to Idleb Displaced Families in Damascus

The Disaster Management Unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus Branch responds to Idleb families, who flocked to Damascus, and provides them with food and non-food relief items. On April 16th 2015 the DMU started on registering the families via the local national relief societies and field visits to the sheltering centers in different areas of the capital. Up to date, about 67 families were supported with basic needs as food parcels, canned food parcels, hygiene kits, mats, kitchen kits, mattresses, diapers for olds and potable water. It is worth to mention that the mentioned relief items are… Read More »

Disaster Management Unit Distributes food parcels in Barzeh

The Disaster Management Unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus Branch is carrying out food parcels’ distribution process to the affected families in Barzeh area. The distribution process, which has been started on Jan 28th, supports 10500 needy families with food parcels that are donated by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Yes, she was Named Mariam

A baby girl of just two months old was found near a doctor clinic in Nahr Eisheh area. The baby was found by SARC’s volunteer from Rural Damascus branch. The volunteer instantly called the “child protection department” . The baby was named Mariam, and she is now in safe hands at the special babies care house.  

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