Bread is delivered to Qoudssaia Area

The Disaster Management Unit (DMU) of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus branch managed to deliver 5000 bread sack to Qoudssaia area on the 1st of October 2015. The mission was carried out accordance to the mutual program with the International Committee of the Red Cross, and in coordination with the Reconciliation Committees and the Relief Sub-committee. The DMU squads monitored the whole process and ensured that the bread is delivered to the most vulnerable residents and to the displaced people in five sheltering centers there.

5 wells are Rehabilitated in Al-Husaneyah Area

Disaster Management Unit continues its various missions of field evaluations and responses in Al-Housainieh area in Rural Damascus. They managed recently to rehabilitate five wells completely and maintained a huge tank to be put in service. These missions were in cooperation with Water Institution and supported by UNICEF.

First Aid squads transported 42 premature babies in 2 months

First Aid squad of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus branch transported a Premature baby with Hyaline Membrane Disease. The squad passed 23 Km within  40 Minutes in order to deliver the baby to the nearest hospital as the the 2 hours new born Premature baby needs to breath regular Pure Oxygen inside a special infant incubator. Damascus branch First Aid squad transported 42  Premature baby during last April and May 2015 .

Prefabricated Water Closets in Al doweer temporary shelter

On June 14th 2015, Water and Sanitation team of The Syrian Arab Red Crescent-Damascus branch delivered concret prefabricated sewage items to Mouaskar Altala’e sheltering centre in Al-Dwer area. The items, which are provided by UNICEF, contained also showers and water  closets and would serve about 350 family.

Humanitarian Mission to Moadamyeh City is Accomplished

The Disaster Management Unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent concluded its mission to Al-Mouadamieh area on June 14th 2015. The seven day mission involved a delivery and distribution of 4500 food parcel supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross to the area. During the mission, SARC’s medical mobile clinic provided its medical services to 713 persons and the First Aid team transferred 17 patients to the hospitals. It is noteworthy that this mission was arranged in coordination with all authorized parties on ground  

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