Providing a Generator Set for Al-Safira Bakery in Aleppo

SARC – Aleppo water team in collaboration with ICRC and SARC – Aleppo sub-branch in Al-Safira managed to deliver a generator set with the capacity of 385 KVA, and the needed accessories to Al-Safira Bakery, which bakes 50 tons of bread per day for 150 beneficiaries in Al-Safira and the surrounding villages. Date: 06/01/2017

Shelter Team in an Emergency Response in Aleppo

SARC – Aleppo shelter team responded urgently to the returning  families  in Masaken Hanano, Al-Sakhour, Al-Haidariya, Jabal Badro and AL-Helluk. The volunteers have conducted a rapid assessment then distributed plastic sheets as an emergency solution to close open vents holes. 556 families have benefitted from the distributed materials that were supported by ICRC, IOM, UNHCR and DRC. Date: 04 Jan 2016

SARC installed a Generator for Al-Shahba Mill

Both of water team and relief team of SARC – Aleppo in collaboration with ICRC have installed a generator with 1000 KVA capacity for Al-Shahba Mill in Al-Nairab area. Al-Shahba Mill is the second largest mill in Aleppo city as it produces 125 tons of flour per day for approximately 500000 individuals. Photo: 01 Jan 2016

Assessment Scan to Address the Needs in Several Areas in Aleppo

SARC – Aleppo joint assessment team has scanned several areas in Aleppo to address the people’s needs there. The team has recently paid field visited to Aleppo Old city, Saif Al-Dawla, Al-Sakhor, Jisr Al-Haj, Al-Sukkari, Al-Bayada and Qadi Askar. The assessment has involved aspects of health, sheltering, water, relief, psychosocial support and nutrition.  

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