SARC installed a Generator for Al-Shahba Mill

Both of water team and relief team of SARC – Aleppo in collaboration with ICRC have installed a generator with 1000 KVA capacity for Al-Shahba Mill in Al-Nairab. Al-Shahba Mill is the second largest mill in Aleppo city as it produces 125 tons of flour per day for approximately 500000 individuals.

2400 Families are Supported with the Daily Relief Aid

SARC – Aleppo relief and assessment teams carry out daily response to the needs of returning families. 2400 families have benefitted from SARC’s services in Masaken Hanano, Al-Haidariya, Al-Intharat, Al-Ard Al-Hamra, Al-Sakhour, Al-Bab and Be’adin. It is mention worthy that the distributed humanitarian aids are supported by ICRC, WFP, DRC, IOM, UNHCR, PU, DRK, GVC, UNFPA, UNICEF and OXFAM.

Awareness Raising Campaign on Lice at Al-Chaikh Maqsood’s Schools

SARC – Aleppo health promotion team conducted an awareness raising campaign in the  schools of Al-Chaikh Maqsood area. The campaign has involves awareness sessions on lice infection (symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention). Volunteers  distributed 2249 bottles of lice-treatment shampoo, supported by ICRC, and 4498 soap bar, supported by UNICEF .

Needs Assessment and Mobility Aids Distribution in Jibrin

SARC – Aleppo mobile medical team accompanied with an orthopedic doctor made needs  assessment for mobility aids of the families who had fled from eastern Aleppo to Jibrin’s Mahalej and Salat area. Based on the assessments, the team distributed eight mobility aids provided by ICRC to patients with neuropathies, spinal cord illnesses and different bone fractures.

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