Installation of Water Tanks in Handarat Camp

The number of families returning to Handarat Camp has increased during the last two months, thus there is an urgent need for more water tanks to secure safe water for people there. As a response, SARC – Aleppo water team installed 5 water tanks of 5000 liters capacity and filled it with potable water via trucks in collaboration with ICRC.

Course on GBV Basics m

“I have never noticed that some behaviors that we are used to seeing in our culture are forms of gender-based violence! We have to stand out against such behaviors”, said Rogine, one of the 22 SARC – Aleppo volunteers who attended the first Gender-Based Violence “GBV” basics course. The course differentiated between sex and gender, defined violence and analyzed causes of violence. SARC – Aleppo branch works hand in hand with UNFPA to raise awareness on GBV and eliminate discrimination of all forms by holding courses for volunteers and awareness sessions for local community via mobile medical teams.

Rehabilitation of first aid center in AlSafira area

SARC – Aleppo always works on rehabilitating and qualifying its sub-branches in southern Aleppo in order to give the proper medical services to all affected people. SARC – Aleppo has lately opened a first aid center in Al-Safira area and trained 37 volunteers on advanced first aid. Moreover, Aleppo branch also trained 74 persons from the local community in Tal Aran and Al-Safira on principles of first aid.

Eid activity for cancer children in Al-Jama’a hospital

The six years old girl, Aya, whispered, “I was waiting for this day, because  I know you will surprise us” whispered Aya (6 years) to SARC volunteer. The joy reflected in a big smile on Aya’s face is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to SARC volunteers. At Eid Al-Adha, volunteers of the protection and psychosocial support team held an activity for children with cancer. The activity involved interactive games and concluded with film of children who  had overcome cancer. Volunteers regularly visit Aya and her peers at Al-Jama’a Hospital to temper the psychosocial effect of chemotherapy.

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