2020 Beneficiaries of CBHFA Program in Aleppo

2020 persons in Suleiman Al-Halabi and Al-Hamdania areas benefitted from the raising awareness sessions carried out by CBHFA team of SARC – Aleppo branch that aimed to create healthy and empowered communities. During the sessions, 1772 dehydration envelopes were distributed, and the team explained how to use it  and ways to avoid diarrhea diseases.

Advanced First Aid Course for 38 Volunteers

The first aid section in SARC – Aleppo branch has finished an advanced first aid course for 38 volunteers from the branch, Al-Safira sub-branch, Nobul and Al-Zahraa points. The course lasted for 10 days and involved various training subjects, practical applications for ambulatory techniques, in addition to simulated exercises.    

Distribution of Hygiene Kits to 1444 Families

For many people closing the door or window is for granted, but it is a need for others to achieve the basic amount of protection and privacy. That is what SARC – Aleppo branch sought through its response to the needs of the displaced people from Afrin to Tal Refaat, where the Shelter Team recently finished the second phase of installing 600 shelter kits in the damaged houses, in cooperation with UNHCR. 1444 benefited from these packages, they involved 2062 doors in addition to 1022 windows.

Rehabilitation of Water Networks in Northern Aleppo

Securing safe water is the main aim of the Water and Construction Department of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo Branch, the first phase of the project for the rehabilitation of water systems in the northern neighborhoods of Aleppo city was launched in collaboration with ICRC. The project, which covers 40% of the area of Aleppo city and lasts for one year, the number of beneficiaries of this project has reached 12,000, the beginning was with these areas (Al-Sheikh Khder, Al-Sheikh Fares, Trab Al-Huluk), as well as the emergency works in other areas, which included the maintenance and replacement of pipes, major, sub-wiring, taps and accessories.

Awareness Sessions on Leishmaniasis

Health Awareness Promotion Program, Water and Construction Department of SARC – Aleppo Branch organized awareness sessions about leishmaniasis disease for 60 beneficiaries women in Al-Fardos area. During the sessions, volunteers explained causes of illness, ways of infection and ways of protection and presented the attendances with mosquito nets provided by ICRC.

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