Minister of Social Affairs visit to SARC’s Aleppo Branch

Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Kinda Al-Shammat, Minister of National Reconciliation, Mr. Haider Ali and Aleppo Governor, Dr. Marwan Al-Illabi visited Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Aleppo branch on 31/01/2015. The meeting was attended by Aleppo SARC’s Board members, the management of SARC’s Aleppo Branch and the working teams’ coordinators. The visit was aimed to provide briefings over the SARC’s activities and services on one hand, and the challenges hindering the SARC’s active staff members work in the mentioned area. They also discussed the best solutions that can facilitate the relief teams’ tasks in order to deliver the humanitarian aid to… Read More »

Volunteers in their Mobile Teams Draw “One Smile”

Within the framework of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) joint project, the SARC Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support and PSS mobile teams  held a psycho-social support activity for about 300 children, elderly and people of special needs. The activity, which was launched on the occasion of  the new year had the title of “One Smile”. This one-day activity targeted seven various centers: Al-Farah Shelter, the Elderly Care Home in Obstetrics Hospital, Syriac Orthodox Home for Elderly Care, Al-Mabara Al-Islamiya, children with cancer in University Hospital, Bukra Ahla School and Armenians Orphanage. It aimed to bring… Read More »

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