The Conclusion of “Principles Embodied in Scenes” Photography Exhibition 1687 Visitors in Three Days

In every December, especially on the 5th of it, the world celebrates the International Volunteer Day. This day is a symbol of gratitude for volunteers to thank them for their humanitarian efforts and also to increase public awareness of their participation in society. We are a component of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent, which is the biggest voluntary network in the world as it serves in 180 countries worldwide in national societies such as the Red Crescent. As the voluntary service is one of the fundamental principles we are guided by, such as neutrality, impartiality and… Read More »

The Old Days

An activity called “The Old Days” was held by SARC Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support as a part of the center’s rehabilitation and reintegration of war-injured program. The activity aimed to promote relationships between war injured and their families. The activity was based on the Syrian heritage and included preparing a traditional breakfast with the presence of a storyteller who told a story about the good old days. The kinetic rehabilitation and psychosocial support program is carried out by SARC prosthetics team in cooperation with SARC-Aleppo Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support

the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation program

As a part of the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation program carried out by SARC’s prosthetics team in collaboration with the Psychosocial Support Counseling Centre of SARC- Aleppo Branch, the center is receiving the war-wounded and their relatives. The injured undergo physical rehabilitation training before prosthetic fitting (muscle strengthening, Balance, and body status improvement exercises) and after prosthetic fitting (weight bearing, balance, and gait training exercises; climbing up and down the stairs and other advanced exercises). They also participate with their relatives in the center’s various activities according to their age (drawing, coloring, and LEGOs for children in addition to various activities for adolescents… Read More »

New Year 2015 Wishes

On approaching of new year, SARC-Aleppo Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support held an activity for children under the title “New Year 2015 Wishes” The activity included various sections such as singing, drawing and playing games. Children also wrote their wishes and hang it on the Wishes Tree hoping for them to come true in the new year. Wishes were different but most of them included hoping to go back home, go back to school and for peace to prevail on their beloved country.

SARC Aleppo field intervention team succeeded in providing safe front line crossing to Water Supply Authority workers

SARC’s Aleppo field intervention team succeeded in providing safe front line crossing to Water Supply Authority workers، who are in call in Bab Al-Neirab station. The team also provided safe crossing for Water Supply Authority workers to enter Sulaiman Al-Halabi water pumping station and brought them back after repairing some damages there.

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