“The Front Page” Activity Targeted Adolescents

SARC Aleppo PSS team and mobile teams supported by Danish Red Cross continued their children-targeting activities. “The Front Page”  activity which targeted 45 adolescents in Sina School was among the mentioned activities. It is aimed to introduce the various types of the media like visual, audible , written press… etc and the main differences between them. The attendants were taught  how to write a news report as well as the importance of visual and sound effects over the spectators. These activities are highly important because it improves the sense of creativity, raises  intellectual abilities and polishes skills of cooperation, communication and teamwork due… Read More »

Distributing Relief Items to the Most Vulnerable in AlHamdaniya

SARC-Aleppo Relief team of AlHamdaniya Center continues distributing food and other relief items to the most vulnerable families. During December 2014, the number of beneficiaries of AlHamdaniya reached 4201 families about 21762 individuals. The team distributed items of food supported by World Food Program (WFP), hygiene items supported by International Federation (IFRC), mattresses supported by International Committe of the Red Cross (ICRC) as well as blankets, kitchen tools, isolators and mats supported by United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR). The team also distributed winter clothes supported by multiple sources.

Relief items to Majbal AlZahra’a area in Aleppo

Due to the current cold weather Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Aleppo relief and assessment team attested the humanitarian situation of  65 families in Majbal AlZahra’a area.  On the following day, the team distributed relief items  including: food parcels, mattresses, blankets and isolators to 385 individuals out of them  170 children.

How to Prevent Lice

SARC-Aleppo hygiene promotion and psycho-social support mobile teams continue their awareness campaigns all over Aleppo city. Hygiene promotion team’s volunteers held an activity about how to prevent lice in a school in the east part of the city. Volunteers crossed Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing Point in the bad weather to reach the school. About 475 children benefited from the held activity.

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