“The Magic Shop” Activity Eliminates Children’s Negative Feelings

Within the framework of the psycho-social support project, the consultancy center launched “the magic shop” activity that targeted 15 children. The activity is aimed to enable the children identifying his negative and positive feelings, and how to eliminate the negative feeling and boost the positive one. The SARC’s volunteers set up the place to look like an attractive magical shop, and start a chat with the children. Each volunteer had a chat with one child and involve in a feeling exchange process, which in turn allow the  child to get rid of his negative feeling and have a positive one… Read More »

Activities to Raise Children’s Personal Hygiene Awareness

Since children are the most vulnerable segment in all societies, SARC’s psycho- social support team spare no efforts to support them by its mobile teams’ volunteers. However, raising the personal hygiene awareness is highly important to be focused on by the team. Therefore,  the volunteers held  activities in cooperation with UNICEF regarding  this issue and  targeted 140 children in Al-Moujammaa Al-Taalimi  and Saidah Zeinab Mosque centers.

Escorting Humanitarian Cases Despite the Bad Weather

The bad weather did not prevent SARC’s volunteers from delivering its humanitarian services. SARC’s Aleppo teams provided safe front-line crossing for 21 humanitarian cases through Bustan AlQasr- AlMasharqa Humanitarian Crossing point. Ten of those cases had to cross to receive needed medical care, whereas eleven cases returned after receiving the proper medical care.

Distributing Winter Clothing in AlHamdaniya

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s relief and assessment team in Aleppo finished  distributed winter clothes to 300 persons in  in Al-Hamdaniya  who reside in unfinished buildings in the first block of Al-Hamdaniya area. The clothes distributed are supported by UNHCR and UNICEF are one of the many steps that Aleppo branch continuously takes as a response to the current weather.

Delivering Hospital Maintenance Tools to hospitals in eastern Aleppo

Despite the bumpy roads, the bad weather and poor   transportation means, SARC- Aleppo and ICRC joint team (field intervention and team Health Care) succeeds for the first time in delivering hospital maintenance tools to three hospitals in east Aleppo neighborhoods. The team also delivered body bags and materials for handling corpses. ICRC supported these items, which will help improve health care provided for the most vulnerable groups.

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