An Appreciation Letter to Syrian Arab Red Crescent Volunteers

On the occasion of the International Voluntarism Day, we organize our anniversary to highlight the importance the volunteerism work and to recognize the prominent role of SARC young volunteers who are the backbone of the organization. Today, the Arab Red Crescent have more than 11000 volunteers with the crescent emblem on their chest. Those volunteers, who replaced their names with identity numbers, have risked their lives, have faced sever dangers and have given so much of themselves in service of the humanitarian work. They have their souls in one hand and wounded people in the other to save as much as they can of human souls.

Finally, we have to remember the SARC’s martyrs who lost their lives while fulfilling their humanitarian duty within the current Syrian crisis. It is our word to you

“You will always be on our minds”

President of Syrian Arab Red Crescent
Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar

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