A Kite

Photos by:©SARC/ Tareq Mnadili Photos by:©SARC/ Tareq Mnadili

Photos by:©SARC/ Tareq Mnadili

On the World Refugee Day, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) – Humanitarian Support Project – Child Protection Department organized an event titled “A Kite”.

Mr. Osama Bitar, Head of Humanitarian Support Project , opened the event and had a word in which he confirmed on the importance of cooperation with the UNHCR “We do thank the UNHCR for efficient cooperation and huge support that go back to 1991, and we are looking forward for more constant collaboration” said Mr. Bitar. In his turn Mr. Jahangir Dorrani, UNCHR Operational Manager, thanked SARC for organizing the event and said “The principle idea in such celebration meant to support non-Syrian talented refugees. And who other than the Syrian community incubator can support and motivate them!”

“Do you know why this event had a motto a Kite? Because the kit plays with all of us and has all colors together in much the same way we are together now” Said Abdulrahman (10 years old), a Sudanese child whose show started the activities of the event.

The event included various activities of dancing, singing and play shows along with a handmade fair and drawings that carried some expressive slogans like “I feel my existence when my talent reach everyone. I will grow up and study and succeed” that reflect the refugees’ life, hopes and sorrows.


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