Mobile Health Unit

SARC-Homs Mobile Health Units & ICRC Team visit Al Hosn Area

On July 27th, 2015 Mobile Health Units of SARC-Homs and ICRC  health care delegation visited Al Hosn area (Crac des Chevaliers)  in the western countryside of Homs. The Mobile Health Units’ doctors (internal, gynecological, pediatric) checked 197 cases of the returning families and prescribed free medicine for them. During the visit, the teams discussed the necessary needs of that area such as those of health care services. It is worth mentioning that more than 200 families have returned to Al Hosn (Crac des Chevaliers) area as SARC-Homs branch provided it with the needed relief services.

A delegation from ICRC Healthcare department with SARC Homs mobile health units team on a mission to Al Jadida Alsharkya

A delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Healthcare department in SARC Homs branch. The delegation accompanied mobile health units team on a mission to Al Jadida Alsharquia on Monday, May 22nd 2015  to watch closely the work and services provided by the team, and to make sure that all beneficiaries’ needs are satisfied  in the rural areas. Health care teams continue their missions in the city and countryside. The mobile health units (internal, pediatric, and gynecological) covered 21 areas in Homs, and treated 3754 cases. The doctors detected symptoms of children malnutrition, and tonsillitis in the internal and pediatric clinics. In… Read More »

Mobile Health Unit in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent-  Quneitra Branch Mobile Health Unit  provides people with health services in different places in Syria, where the MHU team contains: a doctor, a nurse and two SARC’s volunteers. The clinic works on seeing patients and provide them medicines. MHU in Quneitra covers more than eight shelters and residential areas in (Khan Arnabe, Jeba, Al Koom, and AlBaath City), it reaches more than 1100 person  with free prescriptions on monthly basis.

Mobile Health Unit reaches remote villages in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Mobile Health Unit in Quneitra visits more than 24 shelters and resident places monthly. In January, they provided free medicine to 800 person. Moreover, they do their best to reach remote areas in rural Quneitra such as (Al Atem, Al Sendyane and Ain Alnoria) to help people and alleviate their suffering.

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