November 18, 2018

Um Waleed will be always remembered for her spirit of giving

You just need to cast a small eye to Um Waleed (70 y) to recognize the amount of misery she has suffered and the amount of giving she has provided as well throughout her life. The misery is quite clear with her heavy footsteps and the traces of the wool threads that seem mingled with her hand’s lines, while giving is evidenced by the sum of money she slipped in the donation box allocated by SARC’s Swaida branch to help people in need. The great woman has dedicated her whole life for her 7 children and for people in need… Read More »

New training to raise health awareness in Rural Damascus

  The  Syrian Arab Red Crescent concluded a course about raising health awareness in  Rural Damascus for 26 volunteers. The course lasted from 14 to 18 October 2018 and included the following topics: (basic messages to raise health awareness, an overview of prevention and causes of diseases, dealing with children, campaign planning and evaluation methods with local community). This course was held in a partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross.    

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