October 2018

SARC German Red Cross Project Coordinator-Damascus

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) is an independent humanitarian organisation of public utility, is permanent and continuous, and has a legal entity and enjoys financial and administrative independence. SARC was founded in 1942 according to the decrees No/540/ 1942 and No/117/ 1966 which regulate the Organisation’s work. It was recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva (ICRC) in 1946, and is committed to upholding the Geneva Conventions and the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies.   Vacancy opening date: 2/Oct2018 Vacancy closing date: 13/Oct/2018 Interested candidates are requested to… Read More »

Humanitarian assistance reached 17000 families returned to Deir Ezzour

SARC dispatched a humanitarian aid convoy (20 trucks) to 17000 affected families, who returned to their homes in Deir Ezzour on 28 September 2018. It took SARC volunteers four consecutive days to distribute the relief items directly to the due people. The relief aid, provided by WFP, consisted of 17000 food parcels, 17000 flour bags that allocated for returned families in Al-Boukamal city and the Eastern Rural of the city (Al-Eshara town and villages around- Ghareba, Al-Qouria, Dablan, Ad-Dwyer, Sbaikhan, Al-Eshara, Al-Kamsheh) and the Western Rural (Al-Tabany town and villages around –Al-Shmaitiah, Al-Masrab, Al-Tarif, Al-Bouytiah, Al-Inbah, Al-Tabany, Maadan Ateeq and… Read More »

The first humanitarian aid convoy reached Yarmouk Basin in Daraa

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent dispatched the first humanitarian aid convoy to five areas in Yarmouk Basin in Daraa (Al-Shajara, Sahem Al-Jawlan, Jleen,  Jleen Camp and Masaken Jleen) on Monday, October 01, 2018. The convoy (30 trucks) carried food relief items (5000 food parcels and 5000 flour bags) provided by WFP. It is worth mentioning that SARC teams have responded previously to the humanitarian needs in the mentioned areas and have provided many services in fields of relief, water & construction, hygiene promotion, psychosocial support, reproductive health, first aid and malnutrition.

Trees of hope were planted by the children of Ghouta

This year, the International Day of Peace has been different for the children of Ghouta through their efforts to participate in the reforestation of the Ghouta area. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent with the #SARC-HSP CP in cooperation with the @UNHCR.Syria organized a recreational activity on the 27/09/2018 in several areas of Eastern Ghouta that aimed to strengthen the teamwork spirit and social responsibility in children.

مدير حالة دعم نفسي

حول الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري: الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري هو منظمة إنسانية مستقلة ذات نفع عام، وهي دائمة ومستمرة، ولها كيان قانوني وتتمتع باستقلال مالي وإداري. تأسس الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري في عام 1942 بموجب المرسوم رقم 540/1942 والمرسوم رقم 117/1966 الذي ينظم عمل المنظمة. تم الاعتراف به من قبل اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر في جنيف (اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر) في عام 1946، والتزام الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري باتفاقيات جنيف والمبادئ الأساسية السبعة للحركة الدولية للصليب الأحمر والهلال الأحمر. يوجد مقر الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري في دمشق وله أربعة عشر فرعاً وأكثر من ثمانون شعبة. المسمى الوظيفي: مدير حالة دعم… Read More »

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