July 2018

Health Promotion Team Resume activities in Swaida

180 people from the local community and displaced families from Al-Kafr, Hobran, and Ateel villages participated in three seminars held by SARC-health promotion team and aimed to raise awareness on water quality, diseases prevention and epidemics caused by its pollution.  The team members completed their activities through cleaning Oxfam water tanks, which supply water to Al-Kafr and Hobran villages; since,  SARC Swaida Branch mission doesn’t stop at installing  water tanks but it proceeds to maintain and clean it in cooperation with the local community in order to enhance the behaviors of keeping the water clean and prevent diseases.

In a workshop: raising awareness about mines and crisis remnants 

On 16- 18/7/2018, SARC in cooperation with ICRC launched a training workshop that identified the risks for the communities exposed to crisis’s remnants and the safety procedures to be followed then.  The workshop attended by SARC coordinators and volunteers working in mine and crisis remnants risk awareness program activated in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo, Daraa, Idleb and Hassakeh. The attendants were trained on the injuries’ data collection mechanism, assessing of hazardous areas and identifying basic humanitarian needs there and how to integrate the extracted data in other programs implemented by SARC like water and construction, health, prosthesis center and livelihood. They… Read More »

SARC mobile clinic visits Erbin in Eastern Ghouta

In the midst of neighborhoods stamped with tiredness, SARC mobile clinic went through in order to reach Erbin town and provide relief to Abdulrahman (80 y). The old man welcomed SARC volunteers like a father. “I have 7 children, whom I know nothing about them, but you are my children also” he expressed his emotion after being checked up and provided proper medicines by SARC doctor. The clinic, which visits Eastern Ghouta villages periodically, provided medical treatments to more than 150 conditions in Erbin. It is worth mentioning that the clinic is supported by ICRC and IFRC.

SARC convoys reached three areas in Daraa

More three areas in Daraa received the humanitarian aid convoy (27 trucks) delivered by SARC on 19/7/2018. 12 trucks loaded with 2800 food parcels and 2800 flour bags headed to Tall Shhab, 9 trucks loaded with 1800 food parcels and 1800 flour bags headed to Al-Yadouda and the last 6 trucks loaded with 600 food parcels and 600 flour bags headed to Kharab Al-Shahem. The Relief aid are provided by WFP.

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