June 10, 2018

The Second Course on Principles of Health Promotion

SARC – Aleppo dedicates more efforts to qualify volunteers and build their capacities in all the fields. In this regard, health promotion team held the second course on principles of health promotion for 21 volunteers. The two courses addressed topics of health promotion and it s primary messages in addition to hygiene promotion and its priorities during emergencies, described related illnesses (lice, scabies, leishmaniosis, hepatitis, influenza, etc.), and clarified the role of a health promoter in eliminating such illnesses. It is mention worthy that these courses were supported by Gruppo Di Volontariato Civile (GVC) and targeted 40 volunteers.  

Road Safety Rules for Children

What are traffic rules? What do the colors of a traffic light mean? when can we cross the street? These were some of 31 children’s questions asked during an activity held by SARC – Aleppo protection and psychosocial support team on World Traffic Day. It involved practical activities and training on the right things to do when crossing the street, street signs, and a brief on the safety items that should be available in a car.

Maintenance and Expansion of Water Networks

SARC – Aleppo water and construction department in collaboration with ICRC have finished a project on maintaining and expanding water networks in Al-Khafsa and Al-Safira, eastern Aleppo countryside. This project aims at improving water pumping and securing continuous flow to the residents of Al-Khafsa, Al-Safira and Tal Aran. It involved drilling, installation of water pipes and taps, exchanging valves and related accessories, filling holes, and reinforcing rooms’ walls with concrete.

New livelihood projects in Rural Damascus

It might be small projects to some but means a lot to people who lost their livelihoods and have no work now. In that line, SARC livelihood team managed to secure 200 grants for affected families in Qatana areas in Rural Damascus, each grant contains (hens and a rooster, fodder, vitamins) provided by COOPI to help people earn their money independently as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that the grant is one of many other projects launched by SARC livelihood team since the beginning of this year to cover all Rural Damascus areas.

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