May 13, 2018

Health awareness activities launched to complement water-providing services

SARC’s water and construction teams secured clean water in Ad-Dwair shelter while health awareness promotion teams reached out more than 250 children through didactic and entertainment activities directed at health promotion and lice prevention. They also held awareness sessions on personal hygiene with the participation of 150 teenagers and 300 adults daily. These activities included distribution of 6442 anti-lice shampoo, 3000 anti-lice spray, 5567 hygiene kits, 8523 baby diapers, 13460 sanitary towels, 248 adult diapers, 3871 personal hygiene kits, 1134 buckets, 100 cleaning items and 512 jerrycans.   These items are provided by (International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNFPA, UNICEF, Danish Refugee… Read More »

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