April 26, 2018

404 Children recovered from severe malnutrition in Aleppo

“No words can describe my happiness. I can’t believe that he improved remarkably” said Maher’s mother. When his mother first brought Maher to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) malnutrition clinic supported by Canadian Red Cross, he weighed just 3.7 kilograms – less than average for his age, and suffered sleep disorder and dermal disease. He was diagnosed with severe malnutrition and submitted to proper treatment by SARC nutrition specialist. After a medical trip of four months, he perfectly recovered and weighed 9 kilograms. Today, the seven-months baby has got his smile that warms everyone’s heart.

SARC continues its response inside Eastern Ghouta

For SARC volunteers, destinations are kept by heart as they rush to Eastern Ghouta to carry out their humanitarian duty making it come alive and vibrant. Throughout 47 days of continuous work, SARC volunteers delivered 103 trucks loaded with humanitarian relief items to Jisrin, Hamouria, Saqba, Kafer Batna, Ein Tarma and Harasta towns.  The trucks carried food parcels, hygiene kits, flour, high-energy biscuit, peanut butter, baby diapers, children clothes, solar energy lamps, water tanks, jerrycans, water bottles, as well as 287.000 bread bags. Regarding health care, SARC-first aid squads and mobile clinics held responsibility for providing health care. Paramedics transferred… Read More »

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