November 2017

Course on CBHFA Principles

Poor understanding of causes and risk factors for different diseases along with lack of awareness on first aid principles may result in incidences rise of various illnesses and worsen the injuries that could have been simply managed. Therefore, SARC – Aleppo launched the Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) program which aims to raise awareness of local community and train its members to eliminate health hazards. With an aim to qualify CBHFA volunteers and develop their practical skills, a 4 days course on Basics of Community Health was held for 25 trainees. It involved discussions on various topics, such… Read More »

Vegetable seeds for thousands families in Rural Damascus

a small house garden becomes a source of livelihood for many families in winter as SARC team supported them with vegetable seeds (spinach, parsley, cabbage, beans, peas) for agriculture. In addition, they distributed fertilizers and some agricultural tools to support the beneficiaries, improve their living conditions and enhance the agricultural sector in 65 areas in Rural Damascus including hard to reach areas like Jairoud and Rouhaiba in Qalamon. This project will help 27,000 people from the most vulnerable groups to have their own projects in agricultural products, and it’s supported by ICRC and IFRC.

RehabilitatIon of unfinished buildings in Al Tall

Only a few meters sequers were enough to bring Um Zuhair together with her family with warmth and intimacy after they had suffered a lot before. She sits with one of her kids in their new home saying: “the Red Crescent volunteers installed windows and doors for us after we left our home in Ghouta and settled here”. Um Zuhair lives in Al Tall area with dozens of families in unfinished buildings, where SARC shelter team work on equipping 2750 apartments in Rural Damascus areas: Al Zabadani, Al Tall, Maaraba, Al Kisweh, Hafeer Al Tahta, Al Ghezlania, Jaramana and Artoz. It is… Read More »

SARC warehouses burned out in Qunaitera city

Syrian Arab Red Crescent deeply regrets the fire accident in its warehouses in SARC-Qunaitera branch. The accident occurred due to a direct two mortar shell and caused a huge loss in the medical and food items provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and United Nations. No injuries were reported. SARC calls on all parties to respect and protect both humanitarian volunteers and properties in order to perform its humanitarian duty and help the most vulnerable people. #SARC #NotATarget  

SARC Received the 1st batch of the Rice Provided by China

In the presence of Mr. Osama Bitar, SARC General Director, and Mr.Qi Qianjin, China’s Ambassador to Syria, SARC Received the first batch of the rice item, provided by People’s Republic of China, in Lattakia port on Monday, Nov 20, 2017. SARC organization extends sincere gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for its constant support to the organization and the Syrian people.

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