November 2017

Humanitarian aid to East Ghouta

 Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered humanitarian aid convoy to Al-Nishabieh area in East Ghouta on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The joint SARC- UN convoy carried relief items (food parcels, flour bags, medicines and medical materials) to 7200 people there.

Water tanks for Al Tall families

“Finally, we got a water tank, we’ll not be bothered carrying gallons to fill water anymore” said Ahmad (12 years) after his family received a water tank in Al-Tall area. Ahmed’s family from Harasta is an example of hundreds of families who live in unfinished buildings and have difficulty getting basics of living, so SARC water team distributed 150 water tanks ( each of 1 M cubic capacity) for them in the middle of this month. It is worth mentioning that this project is supported by Medair.

First Step

Despite being handicapped for a decade and a half, Muhamed (36 years old) has deeply believed that it couldn’t affect his identity nor his potential abilities. When his leg was surgically amputated due to a complicated disease, he lost his dreams and ambitions as he became totally dependent on his parents who had to support him along with his family. With eyes full of tears and a heartbreak he remembered once he was unable to afford his four children needs or hold his day to day responsibilities as a father, the matter which provoked him to adopt his friend’s advice… Read More »

Six Months Trip ended up with a Brilliant Smile

Behind This beautiful smile hide six months of treatment that could be only realized by those who know baby Muneer. On his first visit to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) malnutrition clinic in Al-Tall, Rural Damascus, he was diagnosed with acute malnutrition according to all medical checkup criterion. The five months baby was so fragile and weighed just over 2 kilograms- less than his own birth weight. The baby was unable to sit or hold up his head without the help of his mother, who wasn’t aware that her baby is severely weak, exhausted and worryingly thin. She had… Read More »

Al-Nile St. Relief Center Provides Regular Aid

Al-Nile Street is a vital area in Aleppo city. However, it went through a lot during the last few years of crisis, which made its residents in need for relief support. A total of 1800 affected families are regularly benefitting from SARC relief center there. The center supports them with food and nonfood items in addition to free bread packs. Those relief aids are with support from WFP and ICRC.

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