October 2017

Hygiene promotion workshops in Al Qalamoun

Hygiene promotion team in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch organized workshops in Al Qalamoun areas in cooperation with IMC, in order to raise awareness of health care and diseases prevention. The workshops targeted 67 people and handled these topics according to each area needs: (safe water in Yabroud, leishmaniasis in Nabek, lice in Sednaya, and safe disposal of garbage in Qara, leishmaniasis in Al Dumayr). These workshops started in 28\5\2017 and concluded at the end of June 2017.

Children in Al-Tall presents SARC with a gift

Their eyes were following the boxes delivered into their school and they started to whisper to each other about the contents! Could it be colored toys? Or it carries some winter clothes and shoes? They quietly sat at their desks and tried to suppress their noisy curiosity waiting for the gift exchange deal. We presented them with gifts of school bags and supplies, and in return they promised us to study hard and succeed. Their joy exceeded all thanking words. Those children, who lives in Al-Tall area, went back home carrying big smile of face and a lot of dreams… Read More »

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