October 22, 2017

SARC Brings Practitioners Back to Work

“It meets my profession’s needs very well and contains the basic tools” this is how Abu Mahmoud described the sanitary fittings toolkit that SARC provided him with. With the experience of 12 years in this domain when he was in Idlib, now he is back to work and able to rely on himself after he moved to Swaida and got the toolkit. Supported by SARC and in cooperation with UNHCR, practitioners could regain their career work by providing them with necessary toolkits for each profession. Eight plumber fittings toolkits, three electrician toolkits, and two carpentry tools were presented to beneficiaries on 29th of August… Read More »

workshop for hygiene Promotion teams

SARC Rural Damascus branch organized a workshop for 34 volunteers from its sub-branches. The workshop included these subjects: (methods of planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, in addition to setting and analyzing goals) and concluded with an overview of Sphere project. This workshop is supported by the International Medical Corps (IMC), and it’s the first of its kind for hygiene Promotion teams in SARC’s Rural Damascus.

Austrian Embassy Representatives Visit SARC-Homs Branch

   Head of the board of directors, Dr. Moataz Al- Atassi, received a delegation of representatives of the Austrian Government on Tuesday the 27th of September. The delegation was headed by the Charge’ d’affaires of the Austrian Embassy in Damascus, Mrs. Isabel Rauscher, and  Head of Department of the humanitarian aid in Austrian Foreign Ministry and accompanied by  Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Homs and Hama. The two-day visit aimed to have a look at the projects and the joint activities implemented in cooperation with the ICRC in fields of health, water and… Read More »

The livelihood Support Team Lunches its Second Project in Swaida m

After finishing the chickpea and fertilizer project, the livelihoods support team at SARC-Swaida Branch started working on the home gardens project. They carried out the assessment phase that included field visits covering 157 families in 19 villages in order to evaluate their situation. On the next stages process of distribution primary agricultural hand tools, winter vegetable seeds and fertilizer will be done to 1500 displaced and affected families. It is worth to mention that this project is supported by ICRC. Syrian Arab Red Crescent will continue its missions of supporting livelihoods and encourage families towards self-sufficiency.

‏اختتام سلسلة أنشطة في قريتي عزان وبلاس‏

مسافات طويلة وطريق شاقّة قطعها متطوعو  الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري على مدى شهرين للوصول إلى 419 طفلاً من قريتي بلاس وعزان في الريف الجنوبي من حلب. وذلك لإقامة عدّة أنشطة موجّهة لتعليم الأطفال وتثقيفهم حول مخلّفات الحرب وخطورتها، وتعزيز التفكير الإبداعي لديهم. كانت نهاية هذه الأنشطة “يوم المرح” الذي أقيم للاحتفال بإنجازات الأطفال والتزامهم في الفترة الماضية كما كان لأمهات الأطفال نصيب من هذه الأنشطة أيضاً من خلال برنامج توعوي حول حماية الطفل من العنف والاستغلال والإيذاء.

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