October 2, 2017

Community Courses Launched for the Women of Talkalakh Area m

As a part of the series of community activities which are offered by the psycho-social support team to the female beneficiaries in some rural areas as well as in the sheltering centers of Homs city, the team concluded  hairdressing and nursing courses in Talkalakh area on 21September ,and recognized to 57 women with vocational certificates as they  passed the final exam. The community courses are of great importance for the female beneficiaries to be able to help those who need them during the current circumstances. It is worth mentioning that SARC psycho-social support project is supported by the Danish Red Cross.

First aid teams in Rural Damascus

First aid teams are always ready in SARC Rural Damascus operation rooms, where they receive information or emergency calls, rush and respond to the required location, provide necessary and required first aid and transport humanitarian cases to the hospitals. SARC first aid teams in Rural Damascus assist  about 1500 people  monthly, so if there is any need for ambulance please contact the following number: Jaramana First aid center 0115640603-  0952133133-  0994133133 Qatana First aid center 0116892700-  0958099062 Aen Mneen First aid center 0115847774-  0958099076 Al Kiswh First aid center 0116927333-  0941333920 Al Dumayr First aid center 0115828504

Rehabilitation houses in Al Zabadani m

Life is no longer gloomy here in Al Zabadani town as peace back to prevail in the area. “Everything is fine here, and few stones of my house mean a lot to me,” said Abu Khaled, who has a family of 6 members. He decided to return home even when only one room of his house is safe. The father added that he experienced several displacements from one house to another, but he always wants to go back home. his hometown, “Now I’m here in my land and I’ll stay like the roots of oaks” confirmed Abu Khaled. In Al Zabadani, many… Read More »

Conclusion of SARC-Homs Juniors Summer Club

Juniors in SARC Homs branch acquired new skills after attending educational and recreational activities during summer club. The activities were concluded on Saturday 9th of September. The volunteers suggested some new activities for winter and expressed their opinions on Summer Club activities which included basics of first aid, introduction to photography, chess, and visits to the elderly house. These activities were concluded in a ceremony attended by Dr Motaz Al Atassi, head of SARC Homs board.

Repairing the schools in Rural Damascus m

In the beginning of September, residents of Afra and Harira towns near Wadi Barada cleaned schools out of tree leaves and debris to help their children start their new school year. This initiative was organized by the Red Crescent to clean, decorate schools and remove rubble, Abeer (37 years)  didn’t complete her studies, but her three children will continue their education as she hopes. “I reached the fifth grade and could not get high school, so I took part in this initiative to encourage my children,” she said. The psychosocial support team organized also an activity for the children  during this… Read More »

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