October 2017

Al-Rhaebeh town received humanitarian relief aid

  Syrian Arab Red Crescent reached Al-Rhaebeh town in Rural Damascus with humanitarian relief aid convoy on Tuesday, 31/10/2017. The convoy, which was delivered in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), consisted of 8 trucks loaded with 1500 food parcels, school bags, water& sanitation and medical items.

SARC finished measles vaccination campaign in East Ghouta

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Douma sub-branch finished a vaccination campaign included school vaccinations (for children between 6- 12 years) and vaccination against measles (for the first and sixth elementary grades) in East Ghouta on 16 – 28/9/2017. 23,339 students in 55 schools were vaccinated in Douma city and Misraba town. The campaign covered 48,000 children all over East Ghouta area.      

SARC aid convoy entered western rural of Al-Raqqa

19 trucks loaded with relief aid reached Dibsi Affnan, Dibsi Al- Faraj areas and the whole western rural of Al-Raqqa on 28/10/2017. The aid, which meets the needs of 1500 families there, consisted of food parcels, hygiene kits, kitchen kits, mattresses, blankets, medicines, medical items and water & sanitation items offered by the International Committee of the Red Cross.  

SARC and local community are in partnership to maintain public health

supported by local community individuals, Syrian Arab Red Crescent works on raising health awareness, reduces the spread of epidemics and diseases and prepares for every public health emergency, through a training course for 35 people from Anz , Khirbet Awad and Al-Moghyeir towns on “public healthcare and first aid in application ”.  IFRC and SARC supported the course that took four days to train the participants on many subjects such as assessing the health situation in their environment, taking notes and raising awareness on disease prevention concepts in accordance with each community structure.

Voice of hope is louder than war’s sounds

SARC volunteers organized a knitting wool course for women in Saka during the last three months to help them making clothes for their families. 18 ladies from Saka participated in this course, and the psychosocial support team also arranged collective games and songs for 60 kids at Saka and Delba schools. In addition to education courses for youngers in Ghasola school.

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