July 2017

SARC Ladies Committee’s activities during Ramadan

In order to help and support families in need specially during Ramadan,  SARC- ladies committee carried out their activities during fast month (Ramadan). They have provided families with 350 Ramadan food parcels and raw chicken meat that could meet the needs of these families.

A Kite

On the World Refugee Day, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) – Humanitarian Support Project – Child Protection Department organized an event titled “A Kite”. Mr. Osama Bitar, Head of Humanitarian Support Project , opened the event and had a word in which he confirmed on the importance of cooperation with the UNHCR “We do thank the UNHCR for efficient cooperation and huge support that go back to 1991, and we are looking forward for more constant collaboration” said Mr. Bitar. In his turn Mr. Jahangir Dorrani, UNCHR Operational Manager, thanked SARC for organizing the event and said “The principle… Read More »

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