July 2017

The first evaluation process in Madaya and Zabadani

The volunteers of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch started an evaluation process in Madaya and AL Zabadani areas yesterday. They checked the situation out there to meet all people needs in aspects of health care, water and sanitation, relief, psychosocial support, and livelihood. This step comes to set a work plan and help people and settle back homes.

First Aid Training Course in Sawida

Training and building capacities in  first aid field  is fundamental in SARC – Swaida Branch. 29 volunteers participated in a course of principles of first aid, which went on for four days from 07-06-2017 until 10-06-2017. The course included various topics, such as proper acting steps, handling bleeding, fractures, burns, CPR and other.

Mobile Teams Conducts Continuous Health Awareness Sessions

Health Awareness team in SARC Homs branch continues on the educational programs about reproductive health that it holds in cooperation with UNFPA. In Sadad village, one mobile team addressed “rheumatism” in an educational session (the causes, symptoms, and ways of prevention). Since the beginning of Ramadan the team has held several sessions and in many areas about fasting and proper behaviors that should be followed during this month.

Water teams check Water tanks in Talfita

In order to secure water services in Rural Damascus areas, SARC water team visited Talfita town  July 4th, 2017. They checked the water tanks and figured out the leakage reasons which cause a loss of drinking water. They also put assessments for a new well to be rehabilitated and activated soon in cooperation with the General Water Establishment. Notes, these water tanks serve 1700 families in the town.

Livelihood Program Helps “Mohammed” Getting Past his Disability

Displacement wasn’t the only source of suffering for Mohammed Mshalben, who due to the crisis left his home in Al-Qusour neighborhood in Homs city, as he also involved in a mine explosion accident and lost his ability to walk. However, when peace and security back to prevail he returned to his home and managed to open a shop for electrical supplies thanks to the livelihood program that launched by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It is worth to mention that SARC hand in hand with his humanitarian partners… Read More »

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