July 2017

SARC teams entered Al-Nashabieh area in Rural Damascus

SARC teams entered Al-Nashabieh area in Rural Damascus with humanitarian relief aid convoy (17 trucks) loaded with food parcels, flour, nutrition  items, hygiene kits, kitchen sets and children clothes. 7200 people there will benefit from these aid. It is worth to mention that the convoy is delivered in cooperation with UN Offices.

25000 people will have Breakfast meals in Ramadan

SARC – Al Tall Sub Branch volunteers hand in hand with the local community will deliver hot and ready to eat breakfast meals to  25000 people  in Al-Tall area during fasting month Ramadan. Three active collective kitchens in the town (Al Tall charity – Al Shabab shelter – mothers charity), which are supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), will prepare 5500 meals daily.

Induction workshops in AL Qalamoun area

Trainers in SARC Rural Damascus Branch concluded three induction workshops in AL Qalamoun areas (Yabroud, Qara, nabk). These workshops started on 19 this May with participation of 86 volunteers who exchanged knowledge and experiences, and got to know about the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent, in addition to SARC work action in  field.

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