June 2017

A Heart with Belief of “Nothing is Impossible”

“Being handicapped hasn’t meant to hinder me enjoying my life, it – on the contrar- motivated me to go forward.” Ghasoub, 23 years old, was injured during the current crisis; the thing which put him on a wheelchair. He continued his study at the Pharmacy College, and now he is a volunteer at SARC Homs branch. We met him during a football match, where he was playing on the part of  AlSalam basketball team of PWSN, and when SARC in cooperation with ICRC was providing the  team with 13 PWSN wheelchairs in order to replace the team’s old wheelchairs. “For me, sport… Read More »

The Livelihood Team is Taking The Third Step of Its Work in Swaida

As the chickpea harvest season is around the corner, the livelihood team in SARC Swaida Branch moves on to monitoring phase in through field visits to chickpea fields, which covered 10 villages during the last month in the governorate of Swaida. These visits reveal a set of evaluation criteria of the quantities of production, the quality of the seeds and the difficulties faced by farmers  during germination stages. The chickpea seed and fertilizer donations are supported by the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. To be mentioned, 1263 families benefited from the donations.

SARC- PSS launches two training workshops

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent- HQ in cooperation with UNICEF organized two induction workshops related to psychosocial support (PSS) on “Project of Protection and Active Response for children teenagers and crisis affected persons” on 12-17/6/2017. The workshops involved various subjects like: (PSS activities addressed to the people with special needs, child protection awareness, vocational training program for adults and crisis’ remnants awareness program). SARC –PSS coordinators along with 54 volunteers, data entry staff members, who work in SARC community centers and mobile clinics, participated in the workshops, which brought them together from SARC branches of Damascus, Rural Damascus, Dara’a, Homs,… Read More »

SARC Teams are targeted in Harasta

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) condemns the attack that targeted it’s humanitarian aid convoy, which was supposed to be delivered to Harasta area today. Unfortunately, the convoy and its team were on their way when the bullets ran over them. One of the trucks’ drivers was severely injured and transported to the hospital. He is now under surgery. This attack happened where #SARC and its #humanitarian partnerswork hand in hand to deliver 37 trucks loaded with relief aid. SARC calls on all parties to protect the humanitarian workers, facilitate their mission and respect SARC emblem. We are #NotATarget !… Read More »

SARC Launches Livelihood Projects in Idlib

As soon as people started returning to their village in Nahllaya south Idlib, SARC launched its first livelihood project there to be the first step forward to help the returnees. Since agriculture has been the main source of livelihood in the mentioned village, livelihood team concluded its assessments with the “Home gardens project” to be the most preferred choice that could improve and enhance food security for most vulnerable people there. The project, which was launched in cooperation with the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies on May 1st, 2017, is aimed to secure a varied food… Read More »

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