May 18, 2017

Wheat Grinder Machine Is Delivered to Al-Hassakeh Flour Mill

Through Similka border checkpoint, Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) facilitated a process of transport and delivery of a wheat grinder machine to Al-Hassakeh flour mill. This machine is considered the essential part of the flour production line. It will increase the flour production to satisfy the needs of 60,000 beneficiaries in the city and rural around. These services are carried out by SARC’S Water and Housing teams in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

SARC Disaster Management Course in Swaida

On May 1st, 2017, the Disaster Management Unit at SARC-Swaida Branch concluded the first training course on the principles of disaster management for this year. The course was attended by 35 volunteers and involved sessions about disaster management and preparedness, sheltering, food, water and sanitation and health care in emergencies according to the disaster management curriculum by IFRC; in order to enable the volunteers to respond to emergencies and alleviate human sufferings.

PSS Training Course Targets SARC Volunteers in Lattakia Branch

Psychosocial support team in SARC Lattakia completed a training course in PSS principles with 28 trainees.. The five day  course included several concepts( psychological pressure, psychological interventions, loss and sadness, correct coping strategies, psychological first aid, children during crises, referral of children, support volunteers and staff).  

Livelihood team launches wheat seeds program

Livelihood team in SARC Rural Damascus branch launched a project to distribute wheat seeds for the farmers in Rural Damascus areas. This project started in the beginning of November 2016 by assessing 43 towns in Rural Damascus like (Al Kisweh, Sehnaya, Qatana, Al Nabek, Qutaifah, Qara, Yabroud, Jdaidet Al Khass, Sednaya and Shabaa). While the team met the farmers in these areas and distributed wheat seeds for 1700 families, including 100 kg seeds for each family. Notes that the distribution operation will be continued and the team will visit the cultivated lands until harvest time. It’s worth to mention that… Read More »

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