February 2017

Hygiene promotion activities in Rural Damascus

Hygiene promotion team in SARC’s Rural Damascus branch concluded many awareness campaigns during Dec.2017 that addressed communicable diseases in these areas: (Yabroud, Al Tall, Al Dumayer, Qatana, Jairoud, Jaramana and Dwilaa). The campaigns contained several topics about (lice, scabies and leishmania) and targeted 12033 people, who also were presented with shampoo, soaps and brochures at the end of each campaign. SARC team also distributed winter clothes for 1060 people in Qara, organized awareness sessions for 40 mothers in Jairoud, and carried out an activity for 350 kids and 107 Youngers in Al Dwilaa.

SARC in Cooperation With IMC Start new Programme

Marah (11 years old) cheerful smile was a reaction to hearing  sounds for the first time. The little girl had a disability of severe hearing loss, but now she she is able to hear and to discover the world around her after providing her with a hearing aid within the joint cooperation programme between SARC and International Medical Corps IMC. SARC also will support Marah through a speech-language therapy program.

A training course on Sphere project

SARC Homs Disaster Management Committee finished a training course on “Sphere project”that aimed to enhance 22 volunteers’ ability, according to the handbook of Humanitarian Charter and the Core and minimum standards of the humanitarian responds that is about the basic things of people’s life. This four-day course dealt with an introduction about the Humanitarian Charter and its importance for relief aid workers, the code of conduct and the project’s minimum standards: (Water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion, Food security and nutrition assessment, Shelter and settlement, Non-food items and health field). The course also included practical trainings and some case study.  

SARC water and sanitation team’s interventions in Al Qusoor m

Through SARC water and sanitation team’s response of providing families, who returned recently to affected areas, with necessary needs, the team continues its interventions in Al Qusoor and provides 114 families regularly with drinking water. It is worth mentioning that the project of rehabilitating and preparing Dya’ AlKalaleeb school in Al Qusoor as a temporary sheltering center is conducted in cooperation with SARC Homs water and sanitation team and is supported by ICRC.  

Psychosocial Support Activities in Swaida

For their objective in building children’s confidence and help them expressing themselves and communicating effectively with others, the Psychosocial Support Team at Syrian Arab Red Crescent Sweida – Branch launched various activities for schools” children in Swaida, including the deaf-mutism center and the brain disorders and hearing disability centers in Swaida, Shahba’ and Alkurrya.

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