December 2016

Advanced First Aid Course for SARC – Aleppo Sub-branches and Points

SARC – Aleppo has launched an advanced first aid course for 48 volunteers, who have already passed the principles of first aid course at SARC – Aleppo sub-branches and points in Efrin, Rajo, Yakhour, Aurem Al-Kubra and Kafar Halab. This Course will last for 11 days, including 80 hours of training. It will discuss various subjects: introduction to the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Principles of the Red Crescent, theoretical information and practical maneuvers. It is mention worthy that SARC – Aleppo aims to train all volunteers in Aleppo governorate on first aid.

Advanced first Aid course in Quneitra

Based on the humanitarian principles and the necessity to help affected people , the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch launched an Advanced first aid course lasted for eight  days on 13-20/11/2016   volunteers attended the course which contain didactic lectures and practical training about varied topics such: fractures bleeding, wounds, turns, respiratory and cases transport. Session concluded with theoretical and practical exam.

“Play with Joy” Series of Activities for Displaced Children

The mobile psychosocial support team (SARC – UNICEF) continues on conducting various periodic activities to 40 displaced children that aimed to bring joy and happiness. “Play with Joy” was one of those activities; it was held at Al-Itihad Club and involved sports activities (basketball, tennis and hula-hoop) as well as educational lessons.  

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