December 2016

Course on Psychosocial Support Principles for SARC Volunteers

The Psychosocial Support committee of Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent  held a course on principles of the local community based psychosocial support for 23 volunteers. The course involved many topics such as crises, psychosocial support, stress, adaptation, loss, grief, local community based psychosocial support, psychosocial first aid, childhood and peer support. The course has also involved workshops and practical practices. Such courses aim to train volunteers on principles of giving psychosocial support for the affected people, which is one of the subjects that must be paid close attention during and after a crisis. They also fall under the psychosocial… Read More »

Winterization of Shelters by SARC – Aleppo

As rehabilitation works were carried out in Al-Kaldiya schools and Tishreen kindergarten with support from IOM, SARC – Aleppo shelter team started  Consolidation process in shelters against heavy rain and winter cold. They will reinforce ceilings of the rooms assembled in schools’ yards. There are 30 of those rooms in which  36 families resided.

The Fifth Course on Disaster Management Principles

SARC – Aleppo has launched this year’s fifth course on principles of disaster management. This course targeted 24 volunteers of various operating teams in SARC – Aleppo,  and aim to enhance volunteers’ capacities regarding disaster management and preparedness, including the management of risks, water and sanitation, food security, and health in case of emergency.

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