December 7, 2016

psychological first aid Course

Psychosocial support department Youth and Training Committee  -SARC – Damascus Branch conducted a training course on psychological first aid and  on Wednesday, 22.11.2016 for three days with participation of twenty-five first aider. The course included several topics which concentrates on  Crises and its affect, the psychological pressure and adapting, Self-care for volunteers and Communication. It included also information and practical exercises and workshops concerning cases of the first aiders’ daily work.

Course on Psychosocial Support Principles for SARC Volunteers

The Psychosocial Support committee of Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent  held a course on principles of the local community based psychosocial support for 23 volunteers. The course involved many topics such as crises, psychosocial support, stress, adaptation, loss, grief, local community based psychosocial support, psychosocial first aid, childhood and peer support. The course has also involved workshops and practical practices. Such courses aim to train volunteers on principles of giving psychosocial support for the affected people, which is one of the subjects that must be paid close attention during and after a crisis. They also fall under the psychosocial… Read More »

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