September 2016

Dr. Attar, President of SARC, received Mr. Charles Higgins, Head of Region MENA- Danish Red Cross

Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), received Mr. Charles Higgins, Head of Region MENA- Danish Red Cross and held a meeting in SARC headquarter on 27/09/2016. During the meeting they discussed and evaluate the projects, which are supported by the Danish Red Cross and carried out by SARC especially those related to the primary health care, psychosocial support, emergency relief and capacity building of SARC volunteers in terms of human resources and logistics. They also discussed a potential cooperation in long term future projects, and the possibility to support the building of SARC sub- branch… Read More »

SARC Crosses Frontlines to Deliver Humanitarian Aids to Western Aleppo Countryside

SARC – Aleppo field intervention team delivered a convoy of humanitarian #aids to western rural Aleppo. The convoy consisted of 31 trucks loaded with nonfood items, clothes and pediatric nutrients supported by the UN agencies (WFP, UNHCR and UNICEF) and IOM. SARC point in Aurem Al-Kubra received this convoy and stored it at SARC warehouse there to be distributed to the affected families afterwards. Crossing was accomplished through Damascus International Highway (a frontline) after coordinating with all parties on the ground. Date: 11 September, 2016

Power Generator of Al-Thawra Mill is to be fixed

Water and sanitation team along with relief team in SARC –Aleppo in collaboration with ICRC started repairing the electricity generator of Al-Thawra Mill, which is located in Jibrin. When this 750-KVA-generator gets fixed, the mill will back to service. Al-Thawra Mill produces 160 tons per day, so it is able to meets flour needs in Aleppo governorate.

Distribution of Humanitarian aids to the Affected in Kafar Janna

SARC – Aleppo point in Kafar Janna continues responding to the humanitarian aids at a collective shelter in Sharan district. Last week, this SARC point has distributed food parcels supported by WFP to the displaced and affected families sheltering in skeleton buildings, stations’ centers and the region between Kafar Janna and Qatima. The number of beneficiaries reached 233 families.

A training course for projects and programs planning

A training course for project planning began today by Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) under the supervision of the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies (IFRC) and with support of the British Red Cross. This course is a part of community development programs which aimed to support small projects and livelihood projects. 20 SARC volunteers in addition to the project supervisors at SARC headquarter Participate in this course, which is dedicated to train participants on how to support small enterprises.

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