August 2016

SARC Maintained the Main Water Pipeline in Al-Hasakeh City

Water team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Al-Hasakeh carried out an urgent response in which they maintained and repaired the basic water pipeline in Al-Hasakeh in cooperation with Water Institution there. Throughout three days  of intensive work ( 24-26 /8/2016), the team managed to replace the damaged parts with new one so that the water could be pumped again and reached beneficiaries total to 80.000 people.

Distribution of Water Bottles to Dialysis Centers and Pediatric Hospitals

As a response the current water crises that primarily affects health facilities, SARC – Aleppo water and sanitation, health care and health promotion teams distributed safe water bottles to patients in various pediatric hospitals and dialysis centers all over Aleppo city. ICRC supported those bottled which will help patients, especially children, have access to drinking water throughout water cessations.

Periodic Maintenance Work on Boreholes in Aleppo City

The recurring long cessation of water in the city obliged Aleppo’s people to depend on boreholes as a main source of water. Based on that, SARC – Aleppo water and sanitation team in collaboration with ICRC periodically checks the function of those boreholes and do the needed maintenance works to ensure its functionality. Last week, the team conducted maintenance work on 25 out of the 42 previously rehabilitated boreholes. Maintenance works included generator sets, pumps and taps.

“I Am an Athlete”, Determination Can Make a Difference

The ten-year-old, Hamod Shaikh Ahmad, is one of the children living in collective shelters. He does not go to school like the children of his age. SARC – Aleppo has made a difference in his life through “I Am an Athlete” project that Hamod and other children joined. Hamod was nicknamed “Banana” and had the number 11 among his team. This team is one of 6 others that SARC – Aleppo established with an aim to enhance the spirit of sportsmanship, to develop sense of responsibility and creative skills and to get rid of the negative energy. Volunteers trained children, which are aged 10… Read More »

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