June 2016

Improving Living Conditions for 8766 Affected Person in Several Areas of Aleppo

SARC – Aleppo shelter team in collaboration with UNHCR has finished improving sheltering and living conditions for affected people residing in 110 skeleton buildings. The carried out work included installing 1978 shelter kits to make 1814 wooden rooms for 1604 benefitted families, including 8766 individuals. The project involved areas of Al-Riyada (21 skeleton buildings and 493 rooms), Al-Sakan wa Al-Istiyaf (23 skeleton buildings and 526 rooms), Al-Abniya Al-Sawda (17 skeleton buildings and 308 rooms), Al-Hamdaniya Villas (45 skeleton buildings and 331 rooms) and the First Neighborhood – Al-Rayeis Mosque (106 rooms) in Al-Hamdaniya as well as Al-Mashariqa (3 skeleton buildings… Read More »

1733 Families Benefited from Rodent Control Campaign

1733 families benefitted from the rodent control campaign, which is conducted by SARC – Aleppo teams of water and sanitation, health promotion and relief with support from ICRC. The campaign involves distributing rodent control material to people in the city. The distribution covered Al-Hamdaniya (Tishreen Association, Namaa, Al-Sakan wa Al-Istiyaf and Al-Abniya Al-Sawdaa) as well as some sheltering centers in Al-Zahraa. Material were sorted and distributed to 1733 benefitted families in conjunction with raising awareness on cautions and dealing with cases of poisoning.

Training Workshops on Principles of First Aid for SARC – Aleppo Volunteers

First aid committee of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Aleppo branch  held a series of trainings targeting volunteers of SARC – Aleppo. The many subject regarding first aid and aimed to spread first aid culture through continuous training and qualifying. Each course discussed main subjects such as characteristics of first aider, handling wounds, bleedings, fractures and burns, proper acting steps, artificial respiration and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as well as giving a summary on the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Concluding the Support Session for Cecilia School’s Children

The Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support (SARC, the Danish project) concluded purposeful game sessions for students of Cecilia School. Those sessions aimed to manage children’s stress and provide a space to help them express. Played games were designed to promote children’s self-esteems and break the ice among the participants in “My Name and I” session. “My Feelings” session helped children name their feelings and talk about them, while “My Dream and I” session helped them talk about their dreams and write down their near and far ones. Sessions such as “Fear”, “Leader”, “Group” and “Safe Place” guided children and taught… Read More »

SARC’s Water & Sanitation teams concluded Rehabilitation Works in Al-Hassakeh Hospital and Brings Ra’as Al-Ein Hospital back into Service

Water & Sanitation teams in cooperation with the International Committee of The Red Cross completed Rehabilitation Works for public hospitals in Al-Hassakeh and Ra’as Al-Ein city Hospital back into Service In Al-Hassakeh National Hospital, the rehabilitation works covered many departments as the emergency, the main operation, central heating, water and sewages networks and installation of water pipeline attached directly to the main pump station in the city. In Ra’as Al-Ein Hospital, the rehabilitation works covered the emergency departments along with the emergency corridor, the main entrance hall, the main operation department. The hospital was supported also with various needed medical… Read More »

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