June 2016

5093 patients in Al Tall dispensary

SARC’s Rural Damascus dispensary in Al Tall area contains various specialized clinics, and receive patients every day to provide them with necessary treatment. As 5093 patients visited the dispensary through last May, varied between these clinics: (internal 1820, ophthalmologist 113, women 720, children 1584, dental 177). The dispensary keeps providing its services in addition to provide the free available medicines to the patients.

The medical services in Jayrud dispensary

The dispensary in ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent ‪Jayrud Sub Branch had received 2511 ‪ case in its clinics during May 2016 as the following: (internal 705, Women 489, 337 children, 221 Dental, kind 286, 428 laboratory) where the number of tests reached 613 test within the dispensary laboratory. Note that the ‪dispensary in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Jaryud Sub Branch is constantly working to cover all the medical needs of arrivals and affected families.

Convoy of Humanitarian Aids Reaches Northwestern Rural Aleppo

On Thursday,  a convoy of humanitarian aids (31 trucks loaded with food and nonfood items as well as medical aids) reached northwestern rural Aleppo. The convoy was escorted by SARC – Aleppo to reach SARC sub-branches and points in Afrin, Kafar Janna, Rajo and Yakhour. 10000 families will benefit from this intervention as the aids are sufficient for 50000 beneficiaries. Delivered items were supported by WFP, WHO, UNICEF, IOM and UNHCR with coordination by OCHA in Aleppo.

Distributing water bottles in Ain Mnen

It is known that  patients with kidney diseases, need plenty quantity of clean water, therefore, SARC’s Rural Damascus Water and Sanitation team  delivered 1400 water bottles with 1,5-liter capacity and 500 bottles with 10-liter capacity to SARC’s point in Ain Mnen on Wednesday 25/5/2016. In its turn, medical point will check the patients and distribute water bottles for them, within the Red Crescent’s continues plan to alleviate most vulnerable people suffering.

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