June 22, 2016

SARC – Aleppo Shelter Team Distributes Aids in Al-Hamdaniya Area

SARC – Aleppo shelter team in collaboration with UNHCR has distributed sheltering items for displaced families residing in skeleton buildings. Distributions included 1604 families, including 8766 individuals, which are serviced by the “Winter Cold” project. The project involved several areas in Al-Hamdaniya, which are Al-Sakan Wa Al-Istiyaf, Al-Riyada, Al-Abniya Al-Sawda, Al-Raies Mosque, Villas and Al-Masharqa. Distributed items were 3916 mats, 500 manual troches, 1802 solar chargers, 3604 electrical troches. Shelter team responds to requests applied by affected families to provide security, privacy and protection after conducting a full assessment and working to fulfill the needed criteria.

Comprehensive Medical Services Provided by SARC Dispensaries across Aleppo

The number of beneficiaries from the medical services provided by SARC – Aleppo reached 32948 in May. These services involve SARC Pediatric Hospital, SARC Polyclinics and SARC dispensaries in Al-Shahba and Al-Hamdaniya. SARC dispensaries in rural Aleppo also keep providing medical services in Aurem Al-Kubra, Tal Rifat, Yakhour, Nubol, Al-Zahra, Maaret Al-Artiq, Afrin, Kafar Janna, Al-Safira and Rajo. Those centers also provide some educational services and raising awareness program on various diseases. Previously mentioned dispensaries are supported by several organizations, which are ICRC, UNHCR, DRC and UNFPA.

Al-Safira Sub-branch’s Response to New Displacements

1180 displaced families have recently reached Al-Radwaniya, Om Al-Amd, Al-Rayan, Al-Kabara, Tal Alam and Ain Sabel villages. SARC Aleppo sub-branch in Al-Safira responded to the needs of those families and worked on alleviating the difficult humanitarian situation. The emergency response involved food and nonfood items distributions to the new arrivals as well as the previously registered families. Periodically, over 6700 families benefit from SARC – Aleppo sub-branch in Al-Safira.

Responding to New Displacements

SARC – Aleppo relief teams continue responding to new displacements. In this regards, food items were distributed to affected families in Al-Hamdaniya. The distributions targeted 293 newly displaced families. Distributed aids were supported by WFP. More than 10000 families benefit from Al-Hamdaniya relief Center.

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