June 13, 2016

” I Love My Teeth” Activity Quneitra

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch carried out an educational  activity about Dental hygiene on Wednesday 8/6/2016. The activity targeted 45 child between (4-12) years old in Abaza hospital shelter in Al Baath City. The team presented a tutorial video on teeth cleaning method and  harmful food to dental health. The activity ended up by distributing brush and tooth paste for participated children reminding  them to wash their teeth daily and wishing  them good teeth health and wonderful smile.

‪‎ SARC‬’s ‪‎Al Dumayer Sub-branch responding to arrival families in Adra

SARC’s ‎Rural Damascus teams in ‪‎Al Dumayer Sub Branch are still responding to arrival families from ‪‎Deir Al Zour, ‪‎Al Raka and ‎Rural Aleppo and still securing their needs according to the available possibilities”. Where 650 person including 98 ‪kids arrived to Al Swaka school shelter in ‪Adra area on Tuesday 24/5/2016, as ‪‎Ein Mnein kitchen provided them with 200 meals and 300 bread bags.

Small enterprises give families a new opportunities for livelihoods

SARC‬ – ‪‎Aleppo‬ ‪livelihood team has delivered the needed material to 4 beneficiaries of the physical rehabilitation program. Delivered material were to help beneficiaries start or resume their small enterprises. This falls under supporting micro Economic Initiatives (‪MEI‬) of the (SARC – Aleppo and ‪ICRC‬) physical rehabilitation program for patients who have finished receiving treatment. The project delivers material to beneficiaries according to their applications and after paying them home visits for full assessment.

Psychosocial support volunteers visiting Yabroud area

In order to listen to kids and to encourage them to achieve their ambitions, SARC’s psychosocial support team in Yabroud sub branch visited the schools and children centers.  Through two months,the team organized many entertainment activities that covered  Adel Saad and Mohammad Abd Allatyf schools in the participant of 900 kids, Al Hazaz kindergarten contained 400 kids. Al Mostakbal special needs society in the participant of 100 kids and 19 Youngers. The activities varied between kinetics games, supportive activities as ambitions stars and leafy crowns, face painting, competitive games and Puppet Theater. It was concluded with honoring the kids and distributing gifts for… Read More »

Promoting children’s Self-esteems

With an aim to promote their self-esteems and show them the beauty of handmade stuff, the Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support (SARC, the Danish project) held an activity for children under the title “I am Beautiful”. Each child through “I am Beautiful” made a photo frame and decorated it. They also talked about the characteristics they love about themselves to make them feel more self-confident.

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