June 12, 2016

Course on Psychosocial Support Principles for Volunteers of Al-Ihsan Charity

Training and qualification is a constant priority and a goal for Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. In this context, SARC – Aleppo’s PSS Committee has concluded a course on principles of community based first aid for 17 volunteers of Al-Ihsan Charity. The course went on 5 days. It dealt with several subjects such as crisis, psychosocial support, stress, adaptation, sadness, loss, community based psychosocial support, first aid, supporting communication, children and supporting volunteers and employees. The course also involved workshops and practical trainings. Such courses aims to train volunteers on giving psychosocial support to the affected, which… Read More »

Supporting Ein Mnein kitchen with a generator

To support the collective kitchen which was created on the beginning of this year & to increase its capacity productions, SARC’s Rural Damascus water and sanitation team and SARC Al Tall Sub Branch installed a generator with 11 KVA capacity presented by International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on Tuesday 17/5/2016 in Ein Mnein collective kitchen. The kitchen distributes 1200 food meals to the arrivals to Ein Mnein and 300 meals to the displaced people in industrial Adra shelter bringing the number of beneficiaries to 7500 person. Knowing that Ein Mnein Charity cooperates with Ein Mnein SARC point to supervise the… Read More »

Psychosocial Support for SARC Volunteers

With an aim to support SARC – Aleppo volunteers, who daily work with various segments of affected individuals, the Counseling Center for Psychosocial support (SARC – UNICEF) carried out a peer support session for volunteers operating in the center. The session went back with volunteers to the beautiful memories they had and showed the importance of memories in building their personality.

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