June 6, 2016

With Joy We continue

On the final day of school, Psychosocial support team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in AlBoteha sub branch targeted  Alwafdeen camp shelters (boteha1, boteha2, mehaneeh) to provide psychosocial activities. Beneficiaries reached 357 children between (4-13) years during May2016. The activities varied among entertainment, kinetics, handy and creativity activities. The activities aimed to develop children’s skills and alleviate the suffering they face in everyday life.

I’m athletic Project in SARC- Aleppo Branch

In the framework of the psychosocial support project, the Community Center (SARC –UNICEF) has launched “I am Athletic” project for children from different areas on the beginning of the summer holiday. This project involves 6 athletic teams and aims to improve children’s culture and sportsmanship, make them feel more responsible and competitive and develop their skills via physical, mental and psychological exercises. Volunteers guide the powers of children aged 12 to 16 years through psychosocial support activities and sports trainings to reduce the negative energy and increase the positive one, which pushes them forward to build qualified sports teams (football, basketball, gymnastics and… Read More »

Advanced First Aid Course

SARC – Aleppo concluded an advanced first aid course for 34 volunteers, who had previously passed the principles of first aid course. The course lasted for 10 days from April 23rd to May 2nd, 2016. Advanced first aid course included 80 training hours on several subjects, such as introducing the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent and its fundamental principles. It also involved practical exercises and first aid maneuvers. Aleppo branch keeps holding advanced first aid courses for all SARC – Aleppo volunteers. An advanced first aid course for 41 volunteers has been launched yesterday.  

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