June 2016

Red Crescent provides meals to thousands families in Ramadan

As usual ‪ Ramadan fasting month comes  with generosity and charity tables, as the endeavor of ‪ ‎SARC’s ‪ Rural Damascus Al Tall volunteers increased to prepare meals for 56000 beneficiaries through new ‪#‎campaign in 3 collective ‪#‎kitchens in the city (Al Shariyeh, Al Shabab, Omahat Al Khair). Where Al Tall Sub Branch supplies the kitchens with all important materials in cooperation with (Inaash Al Fakeer & Omahat Al Khair) societies within a plan action to support local community and promote them by distributing 11700 meals every day. These ‪#‎meals reached 77 distribution points contain all shelters and unfinished buildings.… Read More »

Humanitarian Relief Aid Reached Zamalka, Erbeen and West Harasta

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization in cooperation with UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross delivered two humanitarian relief aid convoys to Zamalka, Erbeen and West Harasta areas on June 29, 2016. The first convoy (37 trucks) were loaded with 4000 food parcels, 2400 flour bags, medicines and nutrient items; while the second one (14 trucks) were loaded with 2500 food parcels, 1500 flour bags, 2500 canned food parcels, nutrients, medicines and other non-food items.

Shelter Team Segments a Sheltering Centers into Rooms to Provide Privacy

Teams of shelter and water and sanitation in SARC – Aleppo have finished the internal segmentation of Al-Anshita Schools, which will serve 160 displaced families of 1287 individuals including 467 children. The conducted work was supported by ICRC and involved assembling 120 rooms in the theater of Al-Fonon School in Al-Shaikh Taha (a sheltering center) in addition to separating the 40 families sheltering in classrooms from each other. shelter team responds to requests applied by affected families to provide security, privacy and protection after conducting a full assessment and working to fulfill the needed criteria.

SARC – Aleppo Delivers Sodium Hypochlorite to Water Purification Station

A shipment of sodium hypochlorite was delivered today to water purification stations in Al-Khafsa after weeks of painstaking efforts. The credit for that goes to Aleppo branch of the Syria Arab Red Crescent (‪‎SARC‬ – ‪Aleppo‬) and its water team’s volunteers. They delivered 20 tons of sodium hypochlorite, supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (‪‎ICRC‬), to assure the continuity of pumping safe water to people of Aleppo city and a part of its countryside.

Transfering the Files of Idleb University Students to Aleppo to Help them Continue their Studies

Field intervention team in ‪‎Aleppo‬ branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in collaboration with ‪Idleb‬ branch transferred university files of 5000 students of Idleb University and delivered them to Aleppo University in order to help them continue their studies. Files transfer was conducted through Aleppo – ‪Damascus‬ International Highway after coordinating with all parties on ground. To accomplish that ‪‎SARC‬ – Idleb had delivered those files to Aurem sub-branch, which in turn delivered them to SARC – Aleppo through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway.

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