April 2016

Livelihood Program launched its First Project in Rural Damascus

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent- HQ and in cooperation with SARC Rural Damascus branch, Ministry of Social Affairs and the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC) Societies launched the first livelihood project in Rural Damascus area. The project “Vocational Training on Handmade Carpets Industry” is to be set up in Al-Qoutaifa and Mouadamiet Al-Qalamoun in Rural Damascus. On April 19th, 2016, SARC launched the first training course in   Mouadamiet Al-Qalamoun  with participarion of 30 ladies, while the second course is to be launched within the coming days in Al-Qutaifa for other 30 participants. The project is aimed… Read More »

SARC Sub-branch in Al-Safira Responded to the Needs of Al-Radwaniya Families

SARC – Aleppo sub-branch in Al-Safira has responded to the needs of the families returning back to Al-Radwaniya village. SARC volunteers visited the area to address the needs of 63 families there. Afterwards, they distributed relief items (mattresses, mats, food parcels and jerry cans supported by UNHCR and blankets supported by the Canadian Red Cross) to the affected people.

Assessing the Pumping Station in Jibrin prior to Rehabilitation

SARC – Aleppo water and sanitation team has visited Jibrin’s water pumping station which serves Tal Shoghaib and Al-Nairab villages and Al-Nairb Camp. The team assessed the pumps, the lines and the pools of the station as well as evaluating its electricity supplies and construction works prior to start rehabilitating the station in collaboration with ICRC.  

Psychosocial support activity for children in Jaramana

Children’s joy gives happiness into volunteers’ hearts when they play and sing together, this makes SARC’s psychosocial support team in Jaramana Sub Branch organize weekly activities for kids in shelters. On Saturday 9/4/2016, the team organized  an activity for 100 kids divided into two sessions up to their ages, the first session was for kids in age between 6 and 12 years old under name of “wishes cards”, and the second one was for kids in age between 2 and 5 years old under name of “faces smiles”.

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