March 2016

Flowers for Women on Their Day

The Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support (SARC – the Danish project) believes in the great role that mothers play in society. For the occasion of National Mother’s Day, the center held an activity with and aim to award mothers for their infinite devotion. Volunteers of the center gave a flower with a thank-you card to each mother working at SARC – Aleppo and mothers residing in University Camp.  

Oxfam Tank is assembled in Tishreen Association

Water and sanitation team in SARC – Aleppo assembled a 70000-liter-capacity Oxfam tank in Tishreen Association. This tank , which was supported by the Norwegian Red Crossو will help meet the need for water to nearly 1000 affected individuals.      

‪ SARC‬’s volunteers celebrating the Mother’s Day

SARC‬’s ‪‎Psychosocial Support‬ teams in ‪Rural Damascus Branch‬ organized many activities on the occasion of ‪‎Mother’s Day on Monday 21/3/2016. Where Al Dumayr Psychosocial Support team organized an activity for the mothers in “Abnaa Al Badieah” shelter in ‪AL Dumayr‬ town, with 30 mothers and 20 young girls participating. The activity included (painting, greeting cards, a life show presented by the young girls for their mothers) and was concluded with a collective dance. ‪AL Kiswah‬ team and ‪‎Al Tal‬ team also visited “Adib AL Aesh” shelter in ‪‎Al Herjaleh‬ area, they organized a party for 85 mothers, and presented handmade… Read More »

David Peppiatt, British Red Cross Executive Director, visits SARC-Homs branch

On Wednesday 16th of March, SARC-Homs the Head of board of directors, Dr. Motaz Al-Atassi, and the members, received a British Red Cross delegation consists of Mr.David Peppiatt, a British Red Cross Executive Director, Ms. Razmi Farook, the head of program managing in Syria and Lebanon, Ms.Wendy McCance, a country manager for Lebanon and Syria and Dr. Hosam Faysal, the supervisor of projects in Syria accompanied with Mr. Marwan Abdullah, SARC General Director. First, they visited SARC-Homs board of directors, where Dr. Al-Atassi talked about SARC-Homs’ responses to humanitarian needs and the exerted efforts  to reach the most vulnerable people.… Read More »

Danish Red Cross delegation’s visit to SARC-Homs

On 14th of March,Head of board of directors, Dr. Motaz Al-Atassi, and the members received the Danish Red Cross president, Mr. Andreas Ladycal, and his delegation. Mr. Andreas Ladycal appreciated SARC-Homs staff and volunteers’ efforts to reach the most vulnerable people. They checked the medical work at the hospital, psychosocial support team’s activities for children, vocational activities for girls and women, and the livelihood projects in Homs Old City aiming to improve the joint work between SARC-Homs and the Danish Red Cross. Through psychosocial support team’s project, supported by Denmark Red Cross, the delegation witnessed awarding women of vocational training… Read More »

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